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Account 'Safety' Lock0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

With recent news of breaches in site integrity, Sulake has recently been ‘tightening up’ their security measures, especially relating to account security. As part of these measures, a account lock feature was added to the site.

For those that do not already know, the account lock feature is something that allows you to lock your account to your IP address and, in the event that someone logged onto your account from a different address, disables trading and other vital functions of your account until you click a activation link in a email that is sent to your registered account.

Personally, I think that this is a great feature, and I know that many others agree with me. Account security has been a problem on Habbo (as it is on other gaming and social networking sites) for a while, and this new measure helps to ensure that the only person that can access your account is you. There are, however, a few problems with the new feature:
1) There are bugs with the system. Users have reported being locked out of their account when they have accessed it from a ‘safe’ IP address, that they have never received a email with a option to ‘unlock’ their account and that the feature does not seem to be working on their account.

2) The new safety feature is fantastic, but does not protect you if your Habbo and email account password are the same. If they are, a potential ‘hacker’ can simply log onto your emails and re-activate the account from there, thus creating minimal disruption for the hackers.

These problems tend to make the new system appear to be, in a way, ‘insecure’ and ‘inconsistent’. There will most likely, however, be updates in the near future that will likely fix the ‘bugs’ that have been found in the new system. The only things that you can do to ensure that your account remains secure are to ensure that you have a secure email account and to report any bugs that you find with the new account lock feature and any other Habbo features.

You have heard what I think about the account lock, but what is your opinion on the matter?

Leave your comments below!

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