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Address a brown plasto – who won?!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Who managed to produce a perfect piece of poetry for the brown plasto?

For those with a good memory, you will remember that last week the hotel staff released a competition based around poetry and the brown plasto furniture. All users had to do was come up with a simple but unique poem based around the brown plasto furniture – easy!

The winners of the poetry competition have now been chosen. We could be potentially looking at many future poets here – similar to the likes of Robert Burns!

Let’s not dawdle anymore, here are the winners;

Moira’s poem

The brown plasto chair, 
It’s not shiny or bright, 
But one can’t deny, 
That it feels just right. 

With a hard backrest, 
This poo coloured seat, 
Is simply perfect, 
To stay off your feet. 

It’s not given credit, 
When next to the rest, 
But bright doesn’t mean, 
Necessarily the best. 

You stood the test of time, 
You’ve been shunned by all, 
Yet despite it all, 
You still stood tall.

[email protected]:KeshA:@!’s poem

I sit on this day all on my own 
Silenced by society and even my phone 
For I celebrate this 3rd day with the joy of peace 
But I got Haggis to eat, 
At least! 
The only friend Ill have on this day is Habbo and my 
Brown Plasto Chair 
Being alone is peaceful, 
So why would I care! 

123jennycool!’s poem

I sit alone, on this day, 
Watch the water glisten on a pixel bay. 
I look over to admire the scene, 
Without my Habbo friend Dean. 
No arguments today, 
Left alone on a beach astray. 
But my life is enlightened, 
I no long feel alone and frightened. 
I gaze at a Brown Plasto, 
Excitedly wiggling my toes. 
I walk towards it and stoke it, 
The pixel sun made it glow a bit. 
I sit on it feeling at home, 
This chair suddenly made me feel like I’m not alone. 
I pick it up and hug it in my inventory box, 
Then I dashed off that pixel beach quicker than a fox!

Kayut’s Poem

I think of you after a long day at work 
Without you I would go berserk 
For my tired butt would have nothing to rest on 
And I couldn’t pretend to be a don. 

In silence you bear witness to my fart 
And gladly accept it with all your heart. 
In your eyes, I am never to blame 
When with you, I hold no shame. 

Oh brown plasto, how I cherish thee! 
To my pleasure, you hold the key. 
Never judging, never grudging 
Without a doubt, happiness you always bring!

J.Vint’s poem

Passion lies Sleeping, 
but with sudden tender, 
Dreams that fill with vague surmise 
Beautiful Brown Plasto. 

Brown Plasto 
Hide away all the lies 
Those cutie seats 
Lead me away 
They leave my heart 
Knotted in ties 
They give my stomach 
Little black butterflies 
Brown Plasto. 

You can tell me 
I promise I won’t judge 
I can cope now 
I can agree now 
Why you kept this from me 
Everything will be okay 
You just need to let me sit 
I can’t help thinking of you 

So maybe next time 
I’ll be here 
Don’t need to worry 
I’ll be right here 

JStaar’s poem

Brown plasto.. 
How do you impregnate the world of plastos within your plastoic whom? 
You keep the world alive and brown like the fiery depths of my soul. 
Brown Plasto. 
Like a handful of brown pennies 
You always slip away.

Katrina6474’s poem

Oh, how brown you may be, with big stumpy knobbly legs, 
Ugly to some ye may be, but to me 
Yer ma beauty.

Plastic ye are but ye aye manage to hold me. 
I ken you hate when i sit, 
But i know ye can take my weight! 
Yer better than a haggis, so on burns day, I’d rather hay ye! 

All the lucky winners of this competition managed to receive 30 credits worth of brown plasto furniture (let’s hope they don’t accidently receive red plasto furniture… imagine how embarrassing that would be) and a mention in a news article!

If you’ve got a comment for this story, why not post it below.

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