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Agony Aunt – March Edition (Part 1)0
By - Posted 1st March, 2016 at 8:05 pm

Hello everyone! Welcome to the March edition of Habbox Agony Aunt. During the past couple of weeks our Aunties have been extremely busy reading all of your problems and attempting to offer some helpful advice! Click ‘Read More and Comment’ below to check out the questions and those all important answers.

This article only contains half of the questions that were answered. Look out for part 2 coming next week!

I would like to thank thms and Empired for being our Aunties this month.

Co-worker From HELL!

qtest2I have a colleague who is twice my age and has been in the profession for 15 years. However, she is totally unprofessional and disrespectful because I’m not as fast or as ‘perfect’ as her. She rolls her eyes whenever she has to work with me, sighs if I don’t get things immediately right and she will literally drive me to tears with the way she treats me!! I’ve been civil with her and corrected her mistakes without comment but she keeps going to the manager with my mistakes? It’s really starting to get on my nerves, I know I’m good at my job and I love it but she’s been with the company 15 years so I’m worried if she’s not happy with me then management will take her claims seriously?? Advice please – Anon

atest1hi anonymous, this is agony empired  that’s a difficult situation because i think your worries about her being taken more seriously than you are right, but it’s clear to me that she has a serious attitude problem if she can’t handle the odd mistake on your part! i think you should take this up with your supervisor or manager and just tell them how she’s making you unhappy and you’re worried about what might happen to your job. one thing i’d definitely recommend NOT doing is taking the issue up with her – if she’s as nasty as you say that’ll give her some solid evidence she can use against you! just remember, you know you’re good at your job so there’s no need to worry but take the issue up with management if you think she’s putting your job at risk. – Empired


Mummy Mobile Dilemma!

qtest2my mum read my messages on my phone and seen i called her a drama queen so she’s really angry with me. it’s been well over a week now since we properly spoke and i realised that she might have seen some other secret messages about more personal stuff if you know what i mean  what do i do, how do i fix the problem in an indirect way? – Anon

atest1hi anonymous, agony thms here. well, what kind of messages did she read? i can only assume they weren’t very kind and perhaps were about her? either way, she shouldn’t have been snooping at your phone, regardless of her being your mother, respect works both ways. personally i wouldn’t suggest being indirect at all, what you should do is apologise, say you said things about her in the heat of the moment and just be honest with her and for peace of mind, ask her what else she read. but if you want to be indirect, i’d suggest that you offer to take her out for food so you can just have nice time or do something kind for her. – thms


Will U(KIP) Be My Lover?

qtest2Help! I have a huuuuuge crush on somebody on the forum, but he doesn’t know I exist! He’s tall, dark, handsome and loves politics but I’m just a farm girl with no sense of right or wrong. How can I steal his heart? – Anon

atest1personally, i would suggest building a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG wall to keep all of the foreign hooligans out of our country! – thms

atest1wait, the undertaker is handsome?!?!?! – Empired

Absently Abuses Me!

qtest2hi agony aunts, i’m feeling overworked by habbox, how do i bring it up and ask for a raise? – Plebings (Room Builders Manager)

atest1take meanies hostage and absently will do whatever u want. hope that helps  – Empired
atest1but doesn’t she love her dogs more than meanies? – thms

atest1OH SNAP! – Empired


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