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Festival competitions!

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Festival competitions!
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Habboxbury has landed!

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Habboxbury has landed!
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Party on, Garth!

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Party on, Garth!
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Ancient Egyptian Campaign0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm

Ancient EgyptOut of Egypt walked the Ancients across the desert, led by their great king Quackatoa to escape the great darkness and to find a new home…

A brand new campaign, with an Ancient Egyptian theme, will soon be arriving on all hotels. Accompanying this campaign will be a new range of Egyptian themed furniture and a pixel-like currency, known as Stars, for players to earn and spend in the catalogue. 

Egyptian BadgesAs part of the campaign, players must build a temple or shrine to praise the Ancients. Participating in the room-design competition will earn you a Scarab Beetle badge; finishing in the top 100 rooms will earn you an improved variation and finishing in the top 10 will earn you the Winged Scarab – akin to first, second and third place.

You can only enter one room into the competition and all entries must contain Pyramid Blocks and Hot Sands (as seen in the picture on the right), which will be available to purchase from the catalogue at the launch of the campaign. Players will also receive a badge for voting for their favourite rooms; to vote, you need to have the ‘Covering the basics‘ and ‘Greenhorn no more‘ skill path steps unlocked – this will prevent unfair spam-voting as people will not be able to create multiple characters with the sole purpose of voting for their own room.   

On top of the room building task, players will also need to make their way through a wired maze, known as the map, to earn even more badges and prizes. The storyline says that you must follow in the Ancient Habbos’ footsteps to complete the map and discover the Gates Of Eternity, bringing shining glory back to the hotel. Completing these quests will earn you Stars – similar to the recently removed Pixels – that can be exchanged for certain furniture in the catalogue.

What do you think about this new campaign? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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