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Another day…0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:09 pm

This is my A level original writing essay – if you have ideas for a title they are very much appreciated.

Another day, another morning full of despair and grief but today, was different. She shook uneasily as she attempted to make her morning brew; she thought this day would never come, well not in her lifetime that is. She thought she would go a long time before him, her son. How did it come about? How could he be taken away too soon? These were answers she needed to know but no matter what she did she was still left with a gap unaware of what happened on that fateful night.

His best friend Catherine was also preparing for the event. She was going to be there for him just like he had done for her before he was taken away. She put on a brave face but underneath she was a horrible, grief-stricken wreck. She couldn’t shake the feeling away. His death preyed on her mind. She kept flashing back to that night. She felt that the only way to rid her mind of the flashback was to recreate the event mentally; she had to discover the mysteries within it and give him the peace he deserved.

As per usual he was waiting for Catherine to finish getting ready; she usually took ages so he came prepared. He produced a magazine and sat down near the banister on the landing. However, as soon as he turned the first page Catherine appeared looking as amazing as ever and calmly said

“Are you ready?” he replied and they began their descent down the wooden staircase, and then headed to the door.

The weather outside was perfect, the sun was setting and the birds were still happily chirping away, they both began walking towards the town cheerily chatting on the way. “I am so proud of getting that A on the exam. Who’d have thought that the teachers were actually right? Not me that’s for sure” Catherine laughed.

“I agree. Let’s hope all the exams are like that. We need to get in a good university together,” he replied.

The conversation continued all the way until they were in the heart of town, then the real decision-making had to be done. They had to decide on the establishment they wanted to go to. They often decided on the same one and tonight was nothing different. They decided on their favourite bar, “Harmonica’ as they had great music, cheaper drinks and friendly staff. Who could ask for more?

They walked into the Harmonica bar and began to smile, the bar was how it usually appeared on the many times they had been there previously; they walked into the main area and searched for somewhere to sit. He grabbed Catherine’s arm and rapidly ran to two chairs which were symmetrically placed on the floor. “I’ll just go get the drinks” he informed Catherine; she sat down and began singing along to the song playing. Suddenly, the chair beside Catherine moved and she thought he had come back; she was wrong. An old looking gentleman had occupied the chair and was looking at Catherine as though she had done something wrong. Unaware of what was about to happen Catherine informed the man that the seat was for her friend who was currently purchasing the drinks from the bar. He apologized coldly and left Catherine alone waiting for her friend to return so the night could properly begin.

He arrived back at the table where Catherine begun telling him the tale of the old gentleman, exaggerating a bit as though it was a terrifying experience; he just laughed and passed Catherine her drink.

“Now what was I going to tell you?” he said, his eyes placed at the top of their sockets, he had a peculiar thinking face it had to be said, Catherine just carried on singing along to the funk song bellowing out of the speakers, “ah yes” he suddenly shouted, “I remember what I was going to tell you now” he giggled gingerly, “I was at the bar and accidently I cut in front of someone, didn’t mean to like, he just took it too far, shouting, screaming, very over the top, and threatened me. I just laughed it off as you do, I paid for the drinks and walked away, I think I scared him” Catherine hung onto his every word, sniggered and took a swig of her drink.

The night began and Catherine danced at every song that happened to come on, the world was her oyster, she was having the time of her life, she dragged him up to dance, reassuring him that their belongings would be safe and in eye view, reluctantly he stopped resisting and begun shuffling over. Another song began playing, and they laughed at each others terrible dancing and decided that they would begin heading home soon, it wasn’t the all night party that they had hoped for but a few hours was all they needed to become closer and more tipsy than ever!

Linking arms they began walking back the same way they originally came. The wind was gusty and helped each other fight the wind. The air grew cooler; shivers began crawling down their spines. They stopped still, it was as though a force field had been created 360 degrees around them, and wasn’t moving in a hurry. “Can you feel that?” Catherine asked.

“Yes” he gingerly replied, gulping loudly. “Come on lets hurry up and get home, you can stay at mine.” They picked up pace, they broke the force field and began running for their lives.

They ran across the road. He was too slow. A car had sped up. He had been hit. He got catapulted across the road, was lifeless by the grate, he was dead. Catherine didn’t know what to do, she found her phone, shakily she attempted to try and phone the ambulance service, and she could hardly speak.

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