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Another possible update for the friend stream?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

If you thought that the ‘Friend Stream’ had finished updating, you’re wrong!

We took a trip to the ‘Habbo Research Lab’ today and we discovered a new poll regarding the ‘Friend stream’ feature. Some of the questions were “What do you like most about the Friend Stream feature?” and “Have you ever liked a post by someone else?”.

However, the 2 most interesting questions we discovered were “How could the Friend Stream be improved?” and the most “exciting” question “Which of these would you like to see in the Friend Stream next?” is shown below on the screenshot…

If you can’t see the options on the screenshot, here they are:

. Commenting on other users status updates.
. A notification system.
. Show events that someone has created.
. Send me emails about stream posts.
. More relevant information from my friends.
. Things people have bought in habbo, e.g. Rares or Pets.
. Browsing of user profiles.
. Friends joining “groups” e.g. An army, Cafe etc.
. None of these, but something else.

Although, all these questions sound pretty interesting and make the ‘Friend Stream’ seem very popular, Habbo have noticed that a wide number of users are not satisfied with the ‘Friend Stream’ and that many users haven’t activated it or even used it. This was a such a concerning issue for Habbo, they even included it in the poll , asking “Some users are not satisfied with the ‘Friend Stream’, why do you think this is?”, this could possibly be the reason for Habbo deciding to update the ‘Friend Stream’ again.

(To locate the ‘Habbo Research Lab’ and vote in this poll, search ‘ Yurre ‘ then visit the room called ‘Habbo Research Lab’. Once you have entered the room, wait about a minute for the poll to appear and then you can share your opinions! We suggest you add this room to your favourites because lots of polls are released in this room.)

So what do you think? Is the ‘Friend Stream’ a fantastic feature? What would you like to see ‘added’ to it? Share your view now, by clicking “Read more and Comment” now!

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