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April Fools' Day Badges and Quests!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm

LOOK BEHIND YOU! April Fool’s!

Since Habbo does quests and badges for seemingly every event, it must be luck (or a fool) that Habbo is doing something for the nuttiest day of the year (or at least of April): April Fools’ Day! That’s right, badges and quests will be in store for Habbos everywhere! Here are some codes for the possible quests: Elite
quests.April_12_1.1332494992306.desc=Apply for the Habbo Elite Forces. 
quests.April_12_1.1332494992306.completed=Well done, Commander! You have proven your skill as an April’s Fool!
quests.April_12_1.1332494992306.hint=We need trustworthy, skilled commanders for a special responsibility in an upcoming project, code name: 514. Since you’d be keeping others in their places, we want you to prove that you have this skill: form the letter ‘H’ with 12 of your fellow Habbos.
Also, some nifty Habbos may have spotted that, in the ‘Achievements’, the badge at right is already there! Could this be a Habbo April Fool’s? It purely shows that you are a true jester… Maybe so! It seems for this month (starting tomorrow), Habbo is in a rather playful mood. Wait, who isn’t?! April Fool’s is the one day that anyone in the world can do something bad and not get yelled at! That doesn’t mean teens should just start vandalizing things though, no. That is just inappropriate. But dumping pails of water on fellow relatives is? OF COURSE! And now Habbo has decided to indulge in the pranks as well!
Do you think that this badge and the quests are a funny situation, or just completely random? Leave your comments by clicking Read More & Comment!

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