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Are you NUTS?!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm
A new kind of way to pay, just don’t bury it!
Excuse the squirrel joke, there’s going to be a new way to pay that’s exactly like credits…are you ready? You pay with…NUTS!! Strange, yes, but it also seems Habbo is getting nuttier everyday…the economy is also going bust. Yet Habbo is pulling through…here’s what they said, introducing the idea that’s totally nuts:
As you may or may not know, I work in a different time zone than the bustling bee hive that is the Sulake Headquarters in Finland’s cool, but cold capitol city. This means that I will start work around an hour or so before my colleagues in Helsinki head home.
In those hurried minutes I get handed a whole lot of messages, new tasks and some lose ends (this will usually require at least two more cups of coffee than I prefer to drink on any given day).
Although admittedly, this process is always quite hectic, this week has been hectic times ten. 
Maybe it’s because it’s a shorter work week, or perhaps it’s that spring truly is in the Helsinki air, but I’m telling you… something’s clearly going on over there, and I suspect, between you guys and I, that someone’s gone completely nuts.
Everywhere I look, there are squirrels and rabbits and.. nuts. Every conversation I’m having, there are squirrels and rabbits and… NUTS! This has lead me to reach the following conclusion: we can expect a lot of Nuts this Easter!
Here are some “lose ends” that I can share before Wednesday:
1. You get one Nut for each and every Credit you buy.
2. You can use those Nuts to buy nearly anything in the Shop, same value as Credits.
3. If enough Nuts are spent in your Hotel, you will unlock a whole new.. pet! And some crazy VIP deal.
But we can also expect…
1. The Limited Edition Rares, obviously..
2. New colour “make-overs” of some of our classic lines.
3. Revisits from some old favourite Furni lines
 Hmm…that’s pretty nutty, almost as nutty as the picture at right. Squirrels release montage on innocent Habbos! Imagine the horror! But, in all seriousness, these nuts will be basically the same as credits, however, when you have bought enough of them, you get certain rewards. But (sigh) you need to buy credits and they come with. Heh, guess we see Habbo’s marketing skills shine…dimly here. 
In other news on this, Habbo (although they are determined to keep it a secret) have released the picture on the left, and said that a well-deserved aww is in order. The picture clearly hints a new pet…perhaps an Easter bunny of your own. As long as you don’t eat it’s chocolate “eggs”, we’ll be safe. Don’t want anyone pressing charges for homocide-by-bunny. Ahem, anyway, this furry fuzzball may just be one of the things included in the special catalogue offers you purchase with your nuts. Of course, there’s a huge chance that Habbo are going to include a deal, along with the limited edition rares. In fact, this may also be a limited edition. Who wouldn’t want it (besides all those bunny haters out there)?
Want to share your opinion? Are you bunny crazy or just lazy? Post your comments below!

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