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Australian Survivor Contestants Officially Revealed!0
By - Posted 30th July, 2018 at 10:09 pm Entertainment

A new season of Australian Survivor is about to premiere! …And ultimately a show like this doesn’t premiere without some unexpected and speechless twists and surprises!

As you all may know there is also a US version of Survivor hosted by Jeff Probst that has been running for a very long time. Well it seems that with Australian Survivor it doesn’t matter where you live as you are about to find out that this Australian Survivor takes anyone including the most unexpected people. The reveal ultimately happened just recently to reveal the entire cast for its new season Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders.

This season we have Survivor veteran Russell Hantz, who will take part on the Champions tribe. Russell was on 3 seasons of the US version of Survivor, he is one of the biggest villains on the show and has never won again. Can he do it now?

Russell came forward on his thoughts when it comes to trying to win again, “If you don’t know me, you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years. I’m the greatest player the world has ever seen, and I’m going to show you Aussies how to play this game. It’s my time to win.” He then continued on saying, “I have no choice I have to win.

He competed on Survivor Samoa which was season 19 and lost to Natalie White as he became a victim to a bitty jury. The evil villain organised many blindsides, fake stories on where he came from and his job. He helped the remaining members of his tribe make it to the end and put all of the other team onto the jury. Even though he lost the money he did win the season’s Sprint Player of the Season.

Other familiar faces include Biggest Loser trainer Steve Willis (also known as the Commando)

We haven’t seen him outside of the Biggest Loser series that much but the trainer has come forward and spoke out about appearing on the show, “You’ve got to chop some people’s heads off to rise to the top.” He then regarded as there being no difference between the shows as they both involve the same thing not just weight loss, “Survivor is the Ultimate. Its physical. Its mental and it’s hard because you have to Play Dirty to win.”

We also have some other faces, who may not be as popular but are still well known such as AFLW player Moana Hope. The 30 year old came forward and explained that her real life past experience with her upbringing around poverty will give her an advantage to make it far in the show, “When I was growing up there were times when I slept on the floor and we couldn’t afford to eat and we didn’t have money for new clothes.”

Of course a season of Champions Vs Contenders can’t go ahead without its contenders including 26 year old Robbie who is currently a Construction Manager. He has revealed that its not all about the money for him and that his ok with finding love on the show if that what happens, “I’m very much looking forward to sharing this experience with like-minded girls. I love a going on dates generally and meeting new people so I think I will definitely be up for some romance if the right person came along…As long as she doesn’t vote me off!”

All fans of the either the US version of the show or Australian Survivor know that finding romance on the show is possible as in Australian Survivor: Season 1 runner ups Lee Carseldine and El Rowland (who lost to fellow tribemate Kristie)  found it and are still currently dating. Then comes season 2 Mark Wales and Samantha Gash found it and currently have a child together.

Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia came forward via phone and said that you will see more of the actual show and less of the romance, “There were very few single people this season so there wasn’t a lot of hanky-panky.” However there is always a bromance, “There are a couple of big boys on the Contenders tribe and they were definitely bros.” A few contestants in the past seasons have gained bromance and became pretty much best friends for life such as last year’s winner Jericho and his closest tribemate on the show Luke.

Jonathan then revealed more on what to expect this season, “I think the Champions seemed to be less well-versed in the machinations of Survivor. I don’t think there were as many fans on that tribe as there were on the Contenders tribe. The Contenders were a little more aggressive in terms of gameplay and more willing to take a risk, swing for the fences.” He then continued on saying, “I would say the Champions were a little more conservative in their approach but they may have just been because they were discovering the game as they were going along — not for all of them but for a number of them.”

This coming season (season 4) is set to premiere in just a few days! Mark your calendars for Wednesday the 1st of August 2018!

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