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[BATTLE] Norm vs HC vs VIP0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:18 pm

I thought I’d make my first Habbo article a good one, so here it is. The battle of the statuses!

As the title may suggest, this report will compare “Norms”, the Habbos who haven’t upgraded to HC (standing for Habbo Club) and VIP (an extended version, standing for Very Important Player).

Stage One: Clothing!!!

To the right is a picture of the kinds of Norm clothing typically found in Habbo. The hairstyles are much more limited, only 17 to choose for males, and 19 for women, some even in both categories! There are also 19 colours for hair too, ranging from red to green! The tops for males are almost half that of the VIPs at a mere 22, and 24 for women. Notably, females cannot take their tops off, whilst men can! There are 31 Norm colours for shoes, tops and bottoms for each gender also.
In the trouser department, the list is a tiny 9 for women and an even slimmer 6 for males. It’s clear that throughout the process, females have much more choice…
Shoes are even less populated, 8 for males and 8 for ladies.

To the right now is a picture of the HC clothing, next to the before-mentioned norm clothing. For hair, there is much more choice, 32 for females and 32 colours, whilst 25 for males, less of a change. Upper body articles for men number 29 and and whopping 51 colours, also in 42 articles for females. Legs too show a change, but very minor. An extra two bottoms, one outlined over there for males >> and 4 more for ladies in the same 51 top colours. The same pair of shoes are also unlocked for both genders, shown on the male in the picture.

At the VIP stage, clothes expand greatly, showcased on the 3rd pair of models in the “evolutionary diagram” given.
Every item of clothing would now be available. Another 12 male hairstyles and 17 female ones are available, in the full spectrum of 47 colours! Tops and bottoms now have a gargantuan 72 shades of every colour to pick from, not to mention the 60 female tops, 31 female bottoms, 40 male tops and 15 male bottoms unlocked to wear!!!

Stage 2: The Price

As would be obvious, to be a normal Habbo user is 100% free, except for the internet costs of course!
However, the HC and VIP options are a monthly payment, with deals for 3 month packages…
HC costs 15 credits per month, costing about £1.50 or $2. If you want the best deal, buy 3 months for 40 credits, saving approximately $1 or 50p.
VIP costs 25 credits, the previous price of HC, about £2.50 or $3. The 3-month deal here costs 60 credits, saving triple as much, 15 credits…

Stage 3: The Friends List

Normal Habbo allows 300 friends to be recognised as soon as they log on, log off, and send messages to you. For most people, this is surely enough. 300 friends makes quite a popular Habbo! But if you’re list is getting crowded, and there are just so many people you need to talk to, HC and VIP offer bonuses as well.
HC limits nearly triple, up to 800 friends, adequate for nearly every player. These guys are the Mr’s and Mrs’s Popular!
If you really need a giant list, VIP has a huge 1100-strong friend capacity! If you can fill this up, you’re a Friends God!

Now, after such a lengthy article, I’m surprised you’re still here! What do you think about Habbo clothing? Are the clothes for each group good, or should there be more added? Are they worht the money, when most players buy HC and VIP for the clothes? Leave your thoughts below!!!

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