It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

That's right - the 14th Annual Habbox Summer Spectacular is finally here! Click here to find out everything you need to know about this huge tournament.

It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
Earn those points!

Earn those points!

You can earn points at our events, by listening to the radio, entering comps and campaigns and so much more! Click here to see what's coming up next...

Earn those points!
Join an HxSS team!

Join an HxSS team!

Find out how to join a team for the Habbox Summer Spectacular here! Will you be a Pirate, a Greek, a Cowboy or a Viking?

Join an HxSS team!
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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Do you like dancing, singing, fashion and room building?
If you do, then Habbo Stars is for you!

For the next two weeks, you’ll have the opportunity of participating in the Habbo Stars challenge, a talent show-type campaign where you can perform all of the actions said above. There will be many competitions within the next few days, and multiple prizes for those who make it!

To win the Fame Competition, you’ll have to receive as many ‘Respects’ as you can from other Habbos, but it’s not that simple! If you receive a ‘Respect’ in a full room, it’ll count way much more than if you have have two people in it. Those with the top ten ‘Respects’ will be feature on the landing page of the hotel. Be careful, you can be disqualified if you are caught voting for yourself with other accounts or characters!

The Bloopers Video Competition will require you to rehearse a song and upload a video to YouTube. It’s not about the perfectly sang song for this content, but rather the forgotten words or missing notes! The point is to create a funny video with multiple mistakes that will make the public laugh and ‘Like’ it.

For the Bot-Band Room Competition, you’ll need to build your own room and buy your own Bot and Sound FX to dress him up, making him walk, talk and dance. In this contest, you can be disqualified if you don’t keep the furniture in your room for the entire competition or if you place the required furni in the corner of an existing room.
The prizes vary from competition to competition, but will range from various badges for the top 10 and the top 100 winners to special tradeable and non-tradeable Trophies. As this is happening in multiple Habbo Hotels around the world, the top winner for each country will be featured in the landing page of the hotel and on his/her homepage on Facebook.

Also, new quests have been created for the campaign weeks and new main rooms were uploaded on to the Navigator, such as the HS LOUNGE, the HS MAIN STAGE and the HS BSTAGE. If you enter this last room, you are able to collect one Backstage Pass per day. As soon as you have three, you will have the chance to convert them into different rewards like a Black Star Stage, Dance Steps or ever a Stage Smoker!
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