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Behind every principle is a promise0
By - Posted 30th July, 2016 at 9:34 pm The Real World

I have a tendency to watch motivational videos and music when I’m feeling defeated, and I recently stumbled across a video which depicts the perfect ‘motivational speech’. I am able to take away a great deal from this video and I am constantly finding myself putting it on repeat and listening to it.

Before I go into detail about the video, I think the best thing to do is to allow you to listen to it as well. Continue reading to listen to the video and read my views on it. 

There’s something about this video that really gets to me, and as you listen you’ll realize that there are some parts in this video that really touch you. In the middle section of the verses, the lines write;

At the end of your feelings is nothing,
But at the end of every principle is a promise
Behind your little feelings, it might not be absolutely nothing at the end of your little feelings
But behind every principle is a promise
And some of you in your life
The reason why you are not in your goal right now, because you’re just all about your feelings
All on your feelings, you don’t feel like waking up, so who does?

Everyday you say ‘no’ to your dreams,
You might be pushing your dreams back a whole six months, a whole year!
That one single day, that one day you didn’t get up could have pushed your stuff back I don’t know how long

This is what has hit me the most. How many times have we relied on feelings to direct our paths? How many times we have allowed our feelings to choose what we wanted to do, or what we would say, and where did it lead us? The principle. What is a principle? I went to the dictionary for this;

a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.
“the basic principles of Christianity”
synonyms: truth, proposition, concept, idea, theory, assumption, fundamental, essential, ground rule
“elementary principles”

The principles we should be basing our lives on should be founded in truth that we know either about ourselves, or from what is around us. I know that in the dictionary result it had touched on “Principles of Christianity”, but I believe that it is so much more than just that. It is the principles we set for ourselves. What are the truths that we tell ourselves in the morning? We woke up, we have food to eat, we are a human being. Fundamental truths that allow us to keep moving forward.

The big thing lately for myself is the last bit, where it explains that every time we say no to something that you know you want to do- you push it back. There are so many things that I’ve felt like doing that I’ve said no to that now seem so far away. Will they ever come back into reality? Maybe, who knows. I wouldn’t say it was because I was fearful at that moment of making the decision- but I felt like I was doing the right thing. Isn’t it crazy how easy it is to base everything we know, everything we do, and everything we say off of our feelings? We rely so much on our feelings that we begin to become so closed off from our friends, our families, and at the end of the day we even become closed off from ourselves.

Lately I have been dealing with some of these issues with an amplitude of emotions. I won’t go into detail with this, solely because I want this article to be fulfilling with it’s message. I want everyone to do this for me;

Grab a piece of paper and write down your goals, your aspirations for your life, and what you want to see done in the next six-eight months. I want you to tack it on your wall, your headboard, a mirror, or anywhere you can see it everyday. Then continuously look at it, read it and begin to believe those truths. You all are worth so much more than anyone could depict for you, and so much more than your feelings will ever think about you.

Do not get caught up like I did and base everything you do in life off your emotions, because one day you’ll look back and wish that you had said “Yes.”

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