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Best Albums of 20170
By - Posted 29th December, 2017 at 12:47 am Entertainment

Just about everyone likes some sort of music, it fills us with joy and gives us something to connect to audibly. These are my favourite albums to have been released in the soon-to-be-finished year of 2017!


Pink Guy – Pink Season

Pink Guy is back, more controversial, more vulgar, and funnier.

I have been wishing for another release from this guy since his debut album. This album takes shots at stuff like Nickelodeon, Donald Trump, Blink 182, and so much more. 34 tracks of pure dark humour! If you are not familiar with Pink Guy, he is a controversial comedy rapper who got famous from his Youtube channel “FilthyFrank”. The music is at no point supposed to be taken seriously and is not for the easily offended.

If you enjoy the album you might also like: Pink Guy.

Best songs on the album: Nickelodeon Girls, Rice Balls, Pink Life.


The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody.

This album is in my opinion one of the most artistic projects to come out this year. The Flaming Lips experiment with a lot of sounds but still makes the album sound melodic and almost theatrical.

The album feels like a musical journey, although it is not very vocally heavy the instruments carry the project fine and it leaves you with a experience that really can’t be described – you will have to listen to the project to understand how much of a masterpiece this album is.

The Flaming Lips is an electro-prog-rock band who are known for their unique and innovative sound.

If you listen to this and enjoy it you might also enjoy: The Soft Bulletin, Clouds Tastes Metallic and At War With The Mystics.

Best songs on the album: There Should Be Unicorns, The Castle and Sunrise (Eyes of the young).


John Mayer – The Search For Everything.

I have been a John Mayer fan since I heard Georgia from his debut album Room for Squares from 2002. Even now 15 years later his music still sounds fresh; his melodic voice and guitar playing harmonise perfectly.

It is a perfect album to put on when you’re home alone. Put in on, light some scented candles, and you are ready to relax. It is the kind of music I could fall asleep to but he still sticks out from any other pop artist.

John Mayer is a blues-rock singer/guitarist, he became famous for his amazing guitar work.

Albums you might like if you like this: Room For Squares and Heavier Things.

Best songs on the album: Helpless, Changing, and Never On The Day You Leave.

Deadmau5 – stuff i used to do.

The power house god is back.

This album has been on repeat for months on my spotify but nothing else is expected by Deadmau5. The melodies blend really nicely together from track to track, the sound is a bit more computerish than his previous work, but that just gives me memories of some of the old Daft Punk albums.

There are no vocals whatsoever on the album so this is not a album for you if you’re looking for easy listening pop music, but this album is for you if you’re in party mode and need some hype music to dance to.

Deamau5 is a Canadian house DJ who got famous for his unique electronic samples, he is best known for his huge mouselike head he wears at concerts and uses on some of his album covers.

If you enjoy this album you might also like: Random Album Title Here, 4×4=12, and For Lack Of A Better Name.

Best songs on the album: Digitol, Sometimes I Fail, and Charlie Can’t Dance.

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN

Kendrick is back with an another smashing project, this project takes another interesting point. Kendrick is using the concept of Jesus and the last couple of days in his life on this project so it was clever to make the release date Easter Sunday.

As he always has been Kendrick is really lyrical and has embraced a lot of concepts that are unusual for the genre, but he is doing it really well.

Kendrick is a rapper from Compton who got famous for being really lyrical in a time where hiphop is more focused around the productions of the album, and also known for putting alot of thought in each project, painting a picture with each song to make the whole album a movie.

If you enjoy this album you might also like: Good Kid Mad City and To Pimp A Butterfly.

Best songs on the album: DNA, Element, and Loyalty.


Incubus – 8.

Brandon Boyd’s vocals really shine throughout the album, this is my first experiance with the band but I am really sold, and it made me go back and listen to some of the band’s earlier albums. Just a really energetic album that you just want to jump around the room and lose control to!

Incubus is a American rock band from California, they are known for embracing alot of diffrent genres from nu-metal to alternative rock and hiphop.

If you enjoy this album u might also like: Make Yourself, Morning View, and A Crow Left On The Murder

Best songs on the album:  No Fun, State of the Art, and Familiar Faces


Brother Ali: All The Beauty In This Whole Life.

As you might tell from the title this is the most positive album on this list, Brother Ali is really lyrically skilled and even though part of this album is political as his albums usually are he is still able to keep the majority positive and about the beauty in life.

This is really a must listen if you’re down or just need something to keep your mood up, embracing subjects like thanking God for being alive and staying positive whatever life throws at you, all rapped over beautifully fitting beats.

Everything about this album is really well matched from the production to the lyrics to his flow.

Brother Ali is a white Muslim rapper from Minnesota who became famous for his politically critical lyrics, and has worked with some of the greatest political rappers like Immortal Technique, R.A the Rugged Man, and Chuck D from Public Enemy.

If you enjoy this album you might like: The Undisputed Truth, Us and Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color,

Best songs on the album: Dear Black Son, Own Light, and Uncle Usi Taught Me.


Logic – Everybody.

Logic is arguably the best rapper around right now, he is able to change up his flow so many times that it is hard to follow up.

This album embraces the problems of being half black and half white and not really fitting in anywhere, it also has some pretty interesting skits throughout that tell a story about “Adam”, who dies and gets to have a interesting talk with God with a twist that I won’t spoil. There is of course also the track 1-800 which may well be the most important big release of the year.

All in all this album has a lot of very interesting points and Logic delivers it in small portions so they are not too big to take in and think about.

Logic is a dual heritage rapper from California who got famous for his various flow changes and his clever lyrics that always suits the album no matter what turn it takes.

If you enjoy this album you might also like: Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story.

Best songs on the album: Hallelujah, 1-800-273-8255, and America.


Tyler, the Creator – Flower Boy.

This is a side of Tyler that we haven’t seen before, instead of only being controversy this album shows a more positive side of him.

The production on this album is some of the best I have heard in a long time, the album is very soulful with much more singing than expected from his previous albums and it kind of suits Tyler to be taking this direction.

Tyler, the Creator is a young rapper from California who got famous for his very controversial over the top lyrics, he is part of the rap group Odd Future.

If you enjoy the album you might also like: *******, Wolf, and Goblin.

Best songs on the album: Who Dat Boy, Boredom, and Pothole.


Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence.

This album is almost like a greatest hits of Trivium with songs that are inspired by every aspect of their 18 year old career.

The title track of the album is hard hitting and sets a mood to what you are going into – this is not the most technical band in the world but they have fun doing what they do and it really shows.

Trivium is a progressive metal band from Florida who have taken a lot of style changes throughout their career. They are known for their energetic live shows that really include the crowd.

If you enjoy this album you might also like: Ascendancy, Shogun, and Waves.

Best songs on the album are: The Sin And The Sentence, The Heart From Your Hate, and Betrayer.


Bjork – Utopia.

Bjork’s voice really compliments Arca’s production on this album. It is a very artful and experimental pop album (as you might assume with Bjork) and I like that. Do not expect your usual bubble gum pop going into this album because you will be disappointed!

If you are open to a different sounding album that changes the pop phenomena that we know then this is the album for you. Bjork did not fall off at all even though she has been making music for 24 years now, her age of 52 does not show in her vocals at all.

Bjork is a experimental pop artist from Iceland who became famous for her very unique vocals.

If you enjoy this album you might also like: Homogenic, Post, and Vespertine.

Best songs on the album: Body Memory, Blissing Me, and Claimstaker.

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