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BETA – 2 years on!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm

I must say time has flown by since I first logged onto Habbo to find I had the option to click either the BETA button or the normal Habbo button! I was extremely shocked as I had never been picked for anything before, well to be honest, I hadn’t really tried anything before but I was glad I was one of the lucky 500 people to test the BETA Habbo out first!

When it first loaded, I walked round my empty Habbo room with ease, it was so easy to move around and had less lag than the normal one, however, there was a new update that I found amazing, I clicked on my ‘Achieved Badges’ and on each individual badge it had a number on showing you how many Habbos had that specific badge, I thought that was a nice little add-on for the BETA Habbo, but soon enough it was gone! It seems anything that I and other Habbos like they get rid of such as the old Habbo games, public rooms, volter text, do they just want to ruin Habbo altogether?

Anyway, I was an original BETA tester, and that was the day I installed teamviewer as I gave people tours of BETA on it, it was fun but tiring too as I couldn’t leave my computer screen for a minute and people just wanted to go on teamviewer more and more, it was like they ‘loved’ BETA but as soon as Habbo do a new update on BETA that they don’t like they are portrayed as negative and are two-faced about it!

Furthermore, one thing I couldn’t stand about the BETA invites were the badges received, surely if you were an original BETA tester then only they should get the badge not everyone who got invited. What actually is the point of that? It proves nothing and doesn’t single you out anymore!

What do you think about BETA? Do you think it’s deteriorated over the years, or has Habbo deteriorated in general? I’d love to hear your views, comment below I’ll get back to you!

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