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Beware the Hound of Hell!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm

There has been lots of talk about a certain monster, ChronoZomfg, terrorising the Habbos round the Hotel. But is also bringing some exciting things along with him..


As you have probably all heard, Habbo Hotel has an unwanted visitor.. ChronoZomfg, a hideous beast who, so far, has brought nothing but evil to the Hotel! ChronoZomfg has given Habbo lots of new spooky furni for this year’s Habboween. This time, he has gone the extra mile and given Habbo and has decided to give the Hotel something it will really remember..

“Early this morning.. from the depths of the Hotel, a fierce, blood spewing Hell Hound emerged… Forged in the fiery pits of Hell, New Jersey, this creature lurks the broken cliffs and labyrinths, bringing pain and punishment to all it encounters… “

A special haunted rare evil enough to give .. The Hell Hound Guardian. What a name! Perfect for an evil statue, destined to bring horror upon the Hotel.. Or something like that anyway!

The rare costs 25 credits from the catalog and can be found under the new Rares section but it’s only available
until November 4th
 so either get buying, or get saving!

new competition is also being released, inspired by the Hell Hound Guardian!

“Being fond of dogs, we’re not quite sure what to make of this Hell Hound… However, we figure it deserves a name regardless, and Fido didn’t quite do it… So please help us come up with a suitable name for this gut spewing guy!”

So all you have to do is enter a name for this vicious beast! Easy, eh? Remember you only have until Monday to get in your entries so get name-hunting!

The top ten names will win a Hell Hound and 5 points to their team each and two runners-up will win a Hell Hound and 2 points to their team.

“It’s a very imaginative and intriguing concept put forwards by the Sulake development team. I see it projecting high profits in the future at affordable prices.” -wazzervaldez

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