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[Birthday] Interview with xxMATTGxx0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:54 pm Habbox

To celebrate Habbox’s 12th birthday, here’s an interview (with questions from you!) with Habbox Co-Owner xxMATTGxx!

Goldenmerc asked: Is Goldenmerc the best?
No. [HAHA, amen to that – Empired]
anything-9 asked: When are you finally going to get behind HxHD?
Never – That’s what your job is. My job is to stand there and look pretty!
CrazyLemurs asked: How often do you and Bertie share coffee?
Haven’t had coffee in like, 10 years? If I drink any sort of hot drink it is normally tea. Although, I have told Rhyss to take me to Starbucks next month so I can break my virginity with them.
!:random!:! asked: Did you like being a graphics designer back in ’06?
It was okay, I was young and didn’t really think much of it back then. Habbox was still somewhat new to me and I didn’t really understand the whole “system” and I ended up getting fired for inactivity. I think it was before other people were better at graphics than me. Ah well, those were the days when —MAD—was around.
What’s your favourite department and why?
I would probably go with the Forum department, mainly because that is where I first properly started having a role at Habbox and progressed through the ranks with ease. Had a number of good memories back in the day with the department, and miss some of the guys who used to be part of it.
What’s your least favourite department (or the one you take the least interest in) and why?
Rare Values because it’s like a dodo bird. It should either have been killed years ago when Habbo changed the trading rules on the client or re-vamped so it actually makes sense in modern times.
What do you think should be done with the RV department?
I may get shouted at this or may get cheers, but I really think RV either needs to be closed down fully, or one dedicated person who can code can re-code the whole system and make it work for the modern times. There has been some good suggestions over the years that could make it more relevant, but we haven’t come across anyone to spend any time on it.

zebbadi asked: Do you prefer Kimmy or Laura?
Laura ditched me in the end, so may as well go with Kimmy. [Oh, snap – Empired]
wixard asked: What has your favourite moment with Habbox been a) on client and b) on forum?
Client – Will have to be the HxSS events really, especially the ones where back in the day when I was in school/college and had the summer off and could actually take part in the majority of the events and go crazy. They were always good fun and the rivalry between the teams were fantastic even if it did go a bit over the top at times. Unfortunately due to me being older and having a working life It’s a lot harder me to enjoy these moments again.
Forum – I always “love” the drama that the community creates, whether it is with catfishes, scandals or Habbo going through their crazy moments such as the Channel 4 situation. Anyone remember that time a certain member threatened to report Oli to CEOP? Oh boy.
Tell us a secret about Habbox that not many people know/would suspect.
Do we even have any secrets anymore? Most of them are out in the wild in the community. [Hmmm… Sounds suspicious to me… Reply with your thoughts in the comments below – Empired]
anything-9 asked: If you had a pet turtle what would you call it?
Bertie, Gizmo, Crash, Rhyss, Kimmy, Izzy or Jin.
Goldenmerc asked: Does Empired love “inseriousity”?
I thought that was Ms.Aquamarine but then one of them did a runner with loads of money in the bag and that was the end of that happy life story? Empired may be the next person ex-community mike dates. [NO (sorry Mike) – Empired]
!:random!:! asked: Would you ever fire Chris and why?
Never say never! Will probably need a good reason on firing Chris. Hmmm we’ll see… soon
anything-9 asked; What are some unusual statistics for Habbox?
1946 Spammers have been denied registration at HabboxForum.
!:random!:! asked: When is the next Matt and Rhyss show?
We don’t really plan set dates – We just have those moments where we go: SHALL WE GO ON HXL? And that’s when the Matt and Rhyss shows happen. [That means when they’re too drunk to know it’s a bad idea – Empired]
Nick asked: Where do you think you would be if you had never joined Habbox?
Honestly don’t know – Maybe another Habbo Fansite? I’ll be somewhere on the internet as I love it too much.
Goldenmerc asked: Are you really gay?
Baabycakezz asked: Can we get rid of the cat [xxCATGxx] in the helpdesk please?
Nope, it’s the pet cat frown.gif
If you could change one thing about Habbox and it was guaranteed to be successful, what would you do? (No cop-out answer like just ‘increase activity’ please, explain how.)
We need a serious rethink of the way Habbox is ran, including the rules set for staff and their requirements in departments. At the moment, Habbox is lacking it’s presence on Habbo, and that’s where we need to increase to be able to grab attention of new members to join our community. It’s something that I have mentioned in a “Habbox Battleplan” that I recently created in the General Management Forum. (Ex-Community AGM Mike) is probably going to cream himself (that’s if he can) over this because it is like an Action Plan, but for now it’s still in progress.
!:random!:! asked: When will we ever hear from Jin and Sierk again?
You may hear from Jin at some point in the year maybe, but Sierk… Probably never. I really don’t know much about Sierk ,and I believe he’s a very busy man and probably has his own family etc.
More than one person asked: Do you hate Jin?
I don’t think I could ever hate Jin, really. He’s such a lovely guy and it’s a shame not more of you could speak to him like I have. *FINISH*
Goldenmerc asked: What is the score with Bolt?
Not quite sure these days, but according to Habbox History he’s dated (or tried dating) the younger members of the community. I’ll let you take your own view on that.
What do you think should be done about the Help Desk department?
I think the room should always stay and be the “hangout” room for Habbox. The Help Desk part has been dying for a while really and while it would be a shame to see it gone – It probably needs a re-think. At its very most, you see a full team behind the desk ready to help anyone who comes in. So hangouts room? Ah, I don’t know.
zebbadi asked: Would you buy an island and open a Habbox theme park if you had the money?
Hell yes, it can be like Jurassic World but no people getting killed by dinosaurs, although that would be rather epic.
anything-9 asked: How much do you hate Habbox? Be honest.
I don’t hate Habbox, I may dislike it at times like you would dislike your job or dislike a friend or a family member for a short period of time. That is the honest truth.
!:random!:! asked: Have you murdered your lego head?
Nope, but Laura did kill Bertie when I first got him though. She smashed him to my bedroom floor, I will never forget that moment.
Tell us honestly what you think of Chris, Laura and Kelly individually.
Chris – Power Mad, gay, can sometimes be a pain in the arse when you are trying to do things.
Laura – Beautiful, ****able, can work quite hard at times and sometimes crazy.
Kelly – Seems like a nice person all round – She says she is innocent but I doubt that very much.
wixard asked: How much longer do you honestly see Habbox lasting, or Habbo for that matter?
I would probably think that Habbox would outlast Habbo even if it was just used for the “archive” purposes, but the longer/older members of Habbox will probably still post now and then. How many years? It’s really hard to say. I would be surprised if we was still open within 5 year’s time.
Habbo – if Habbo is still here in 10 year’s time then I’ll eat my hat… that I don’t currently own but I will buy one from Disney when I visit the theme parks in Orlando later this year.
Elegance asked: What’s the worst prize you’ve ever received in a Habbox event?
Rubber Duck.
And finally… (I was going to leave this one out but it made me laugh too hard)
Elegance asked: How many freeze tiles have you won from zebbadi as prizes?
None? Is that the only prize she gives out!?
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