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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:15 pm

As some may know I am currently away on holiday at the former amazing seaside resort of Blackpool! I must say I have only been away since Saturday and at the time in posting that’s only approximately three days ago and I’ve seen a dark side to Blackpool already!

In a former article I posted about me being a fire bug, always experiencing a fire at any resort I happen to go to and this year was no different. A set of holiday flats were engulfed by flames, rooms have been destroyed and furniture. Now, you may think, oh a fire? They happen everyday no big deal, but this is different, it’s the fourth time in six months that the flats have been purposely set fire to!

Another thing that has already occurred is an EDL protest, Police were posted at each pier, every street corner and on the promenade (well what’s open on it that is!) The reason behind it was because of a missing girl who disappeared from the area in 2003! There were ten arrests and trade was at a minimum to say it was one of the busiest bank holidays of the year.

Furthermore, today, I was overwhelmed seeing the Hairy Bikers in the flesh, I didn’t meet them or get a picture with them but they were definitely there!

When I originally started coming to Blackpool (when I was old enough to remember) I always went in the Tower, occasionally the Zoo and the Sealife Centre but as I have grown older I think there has been less for me to do! Currently you must pay separately for different attractions in the Tower and they are very expensive. Also, everything seems to be getting ruined, the trams don’t run to Cleveleys so we must take the bus if we wish to go there. It costs a lot more to go in attractions and it’s just a little less exciting than usual!

Where do you go on holiday? Do you enjoy it, or is there any experiences you wish to share with me? Please read and comment below, looking forward to your replies!

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