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[BREAKING] 0rca leaving Habbo!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

They all say all good things come to an end right? Well they aren’t wrong, one of the only UK staff left after the merge has now informed Habbo’s that she is leaving the game! She’s a down-to-earth staff member who had the children’s best interests at heart, from un-banning users on Habbo.co.uk, running the group and home page of the month competition and even visiting the Habbox Help Desk to meet some adoring fans. She will leave a gap in the Habbo community and the members now wonder what will happen next.

For those who do not know who 0rca is the ‘Community Coordinator’ for Habbo who lives in the United Kingdom Countryside. She has been a part of the staff team for many years and has had to juggle work with her young child. 0rca used to deal with the bans that occurred on Habbo.co.uk and I remember being ‘permed’ twice and each time she un-banned me, she even emailed me back saying that it was a misunderstanding, like I said beforehand she had the children’s well members best interests at heart and she will never be forgotten.

Currently there is an uproar of her departure and many members on HabboxForum are extremely distraught with her decision but we don’t know why or how it came about. Maybe she realised that she wasn’t getting any younger and with her little one growing up she needs to be there for her child, or she could have been made redundant, the connotations are endless and it looks like she is having a quiet send off; that’s less than what she deserves, she deserves the world!

As I said earlier there are members on HabboxForum who strongly disagree with the decision and they aren’t afraid to show how they really feel…

“She was the only pre-UK staff and made an effort in unique competitions and has a kid to look after!” ~ Ajthedragon

“0rca was the best staff member EVER. RIP Habbo.”  ~ Neversoft

“Becca really did a great job, she’s really going to be missed across Habbo. As many people have said, I hope Sulake hire more Habbo UK Staff and hopefully one that can actually do a great job like her! ~ Skynus

How do you feel about this? Comment below a lot of members would love to hear your opinion!

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