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[BREAKING] Camera Returning?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm
Could an old treasure be returning?!
In 2004, an amazing functional furni was released into the catalogue which allowed users to take pictures of different parts of Habbo. This furniture was known as the “Camera” and was unfortunately removed from the catalogue in 2008 due to safety concerns over scripting through photos. The photos that had been taken remained visible for a short while until they became unavailable to view after the English hotel merge, thus meaning all photos (memories) of the past had been removed.
There has been a battle for years to get a new camera introduced and it looks like that may be about to happen! A tweet was sent to Heini Kaihu earlier (she is a staff member for Sulake and states on her wall that she is “re-inventing old”, so it made perfect logic to ask her about the camera) which concerned the return of the camera. After 2 hours the following reply was sent by her;
“We are planning a new camera, we just need to figure out a way to do it so, that it has cool features but is hard to hack.”
To make the case seem more reliable, Paul LaFontaine (CEO of Sulake) also pointed out her Tweet on his wall. He said;
“Camera is returning according to @heini_kaihu”.
So, due to us only having basic information on the camera, we cannot fully comment on what it will look like and when it’ll be introduced. However, we will update this news article (updates will be placed at the bottom) if we receive any new information about the camera returning! For now though, let’s take a look at some comments that users have placed about the potential return of the camera;
“I loved my camera back in the day, I’m glad they are bringing them back :-)”
“Amazing! This is the best!”
“If they could improve it and also prevent it from being hacked or whatever you call it like it could of been done back in the day then that would be something a lot of people would like to see return. Now all we need now is a film camera? Haha.”
“Oh god, this would be awesome if they bought it back!”
What’s your opinion on the potential return of the camera? Share it by clicking “Read More & Comment”!

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