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[BREAKING] Habbo Fixes Hacking Breakout0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:18 pm

Finally, Habbo have announced that they have fixed the hacking outbreak that took place almost a week ago!

On June 30th Habbo staff discovered some cases of hacking where hackers send safe and official looking links in Hotel chat and various web forums, when these links are clicked, hackers may gain access to their victim’s Habbo account. Fortunately, the security hole has now been fixed as of Monday.

Habbo has taken precautions to prevent additional problems, if your account was compromised, it is temporarily banned while an investigation is under way. So if your banned for no reason, don’t worry, your account will be back soon. He are some FAQs answered my Habbo Staff.

Q: I tried to log into Habbo and there’s a text saying my account has been temporarily closed. Is that for real?

A: Unfortunately yes. We are investigating few accounts that may have been compromised. Please be patient. We will send you more information as soon as possible.

Q: My account has been closed. When I can play Habbo again?

A: Our security team is working on the case constantly. We hope that we can open your account in 24 hours or latest, in a couple of days.

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