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[BREAKING] Missing Furni?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

Today many people logged onto Habbo and to their dismay some or most of their furniture was no where to be seen! Some people have only lost a couple of items, some have lost lots totaling to many thrones and some even earned some!

I first became aware of this when I logged on today, I was bombarded with invites straight away whereby, some Habbo’s were informing me and many others that their furniture had gone missing; anything from norms to super rare’s are now no where to be seen and all Habbo’s are wondering why! Some have blamed Habbo but is it really their fault? It could be if they updated the Hotel but we need to keep the options open as it’s easy to blame.

Only the furniture in your ‘hand’ will have gone missing but earlier everyone had to beware when picking furniture up. Some furniture where the ‘Pick Up‘ button usually is was replaced with ‘infostand.button.eject‘ and if you clicked this the furniture would be sent to oblivion and wasn’t anywhere to be seen! Now Habbo worked fast to rectify this and if you find a furniture with ‘info.stand.button.eject‘ on you can click it but it does nothing, it doesn’t send it into oblivion and it doesn’t pick up. You may think I’ll just use ‘ctrl click‘ but then it says you do not have rights to put furniture in here!
Also if you try to pickall a room then those particular furniture’s will stay until further notice.

Now, Habbo have come out (no, not like that) and displayed a message in the game informing everyone that trading and marketplace had been disabled as they had found ‘some bumps’ which is putting it mildly! Knowing Habbo though, they will not care about the supers you have lost, the Army Plastos, the Purple ICMS or the Thrones, instead they may try to shift blame onto you but give you a pathetic untradable furni for the distress caused!

Hopefully this will be sorted soon as Habbo without trading for me is boring!

What do you think of this and what have you lost or gained, I would love to hear your stories. Read more and comment below!

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