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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

Once again, we see it that Habbo have listened to their users and have brought something new which is really quite good! Ever wanted to share a room with your friends but deep down, never really trusted them? Well now you can do this with peace at mind!

A brand new feature, introduced today, allows VIPs to make a Group with their friends and have a home room in which all group members (as long

 as the group creator allows it) can drop their own furniture in the room without a risk of it being stolen! All you have to do is if you want your furniture back is pick it up, and the other peoples of the group can’t pick it up – they can only remove the furniture and send it back to your inventory! Even leaving the group sends your furniture straight back to you!

Along with this feature, we receive new badge options and designs to create brand new badges and to go with that, exclusive furniture which you can customise to match your group badge! How amazing, if I do say so myself!

As previously said, this feature is only available to VIP members to create but all Habbo’s can join a group and add their furnitue to someone else’s room! To create your own group, all you have to do is go to the Group section of the catalogue and go from there! To create your home room, you will be promted to do so when creating a group, and you can only choose your room once then that is it!

You can join someone else’s group by clicking their badge when in-game or by going to the groups homeroom where you can click the room info and join the group from there! If you want to leave a group, you can click on your infostand and click on your new extended profile, which lists all the groups you are apart of and then to leave a group, click the badge and click “leave group”.

You can control what levels of rights users have in your room too! with Member or Admin rights. You can manage your group(s) by clicking your group badge.

Levels of rights;

Member– Basic membership in the group. Members can add furniture (if the option is turned on) but can only remove their own, and can only post to threads in forum. 

Admin– Can approve other members to join the group and move Furniture around in the room and put your furniture in the room. And remove other peoples furniture from the room (removed furniture goes back to the furni owners inventory). Can also start new threads in the forum and delete threads.
Owner– All the rights listed above, plus ability to edit group name/ description and the badge”

The old groups are still there but no new groups can be created! So get on Habbo now to check it out and leave your comments!


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