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[BREAKING] New Habboween furniture found!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

It’s that time of the year again where Halloween comes around and as usual Habbo are celebrating it with some spooktacular things!

With the exciting mention of new events and happenings during the Halloween period, it goes without saying that some new Halloween furni will be mysteriously making its way into our catalogues and indeed it will be! Recently found are some very cool pictures of what is to come!

Not only do we get regular furniture updates now, we always, without a doubt get some lovely new badges joining the world of Habbo! This time round, so far, there are only 3 badges uploaded and I assume they will be something we should win by quest, poll or competition. On top of having some great badges, we also some new effects and lots of them! This years halloween is sure to be a good one!


You can see the badges dotted around at the top of this article, and they are quite simple badges this year, not like the other badge’s we’ve had such as the brain badge and eyeball badge, but still another badge!

The Furni
hween11_dish1     hween11_dish3

hween11_dish2      hween11_dish4

In these pictures, we see a variety of ‘dishes’ available as food. There are eyeballs, a headbrains and something on skewers!

hween11_disflo2                       hween11_disflo            

The names of these two items seem to tell me that they are ‘disco floors‘. Most definately flooring for your room but I wouldn’t say we would get disco floors though!    
hween11_window         hween11_sofa           hween11_pumpkin          prizetrophy_hween11      


Here you can see we simply have a Window with a curtain. This is Followed by a Coffin sofa, which I think looks great! We then simply have a new style of Pumpkin! The next item looks like a Graveyard however the name of it suggests that it is going to be a prize trophy which is something different! Then lastly there is the conventional punch bowl!


In total, there are 12 new effects which is a really good amount! I have picked out my 6 favourites and they are pictured below. All really good effects in my opinion! Some of the other effects included having pictures of the t-shirt.

All of this new stuff is set to be released in around a weeks time, following Norman’s meeting so we should be having some great fun with it all!

Post your comments below of how you feel about the new items and effects!

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