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[BREAKING] New Staff Member!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:20 pm

Grecian9Habbo’s Official Room Designer, has announced a new staff member to the community!

Today, Grecian unveiled the next person to become staff, Ninjaneemah. She has apparently not played Habbo before now. As this news is literally fresh out of the oven, we do not know yet what her job title will be, but all Grecian has given is that she will be involved in “Community”. As Grecian revealed her, it’s possible she could be another Room Designer, such as Grecian already does.

Comments from the Habbox community show a range of opinions and ideas:
“Met her in Grecian’s room earlier, she doesn’t talk much but seems quite nice!” J25T
“Hopefully she can do more good than bad for Habbo!” Mark
“I’m sure she’s lovely” Pigperson.

It has also been suggested that she may be Habbo’s “Social Superior” from Skynus and that she is to do with advertising like Grecian from Varnius.

What do you think? Do Habbo really need more staff? Or are they just too full? Have you met Ninjaneemah? What was she like? Or if you haven’t, what do you hope her to be like? Leave your comments below!

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