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[BREAKING] Yurre Leaving Sulake!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

It’s always a shock when a staff member leaves Sulake/Habbo, but it’s more upsetting when that staff member is one who listens and cares about the community! I may seem a bit of a ‘kiss up’ but never will I do that to a staff member, they are just like you and me and when they leave, upsetting you, it shows how much of a friend they were.

You may remember the interview I secured with Yurre a few months ago, the down to Earth Research Specialist will soon be a distant memory but will be forever in our hearts, she posted a discussion in her group outlining why she was leaving and thanking us for our opinion and shows what a true star she was. She wants to progress in a new career and I can’t blame her, she has done wonders for Habbo and has made me realise that staff do care about us an our opinions and I doubt anyone who takes her place can match up to her!

I was a lucky one where Yurre is concerned, not only did she grace my friend list she also contacted me having seen a report I’d made on Habbox. Nervously, I admitted I had written the report that was some what ranting at Habbo staff in general but she loved it! It did make me feel great and my motivation flowed and just the other day she ‘randomly stalked’ me on Habbo and interacted with many members in a Habbox event room; it was a nice farewell gift I’m sure. She is open and treats everyone equally which cannot be said for a few Sulake staff members (mentioning no names). She truly has done so much for Habbo with her polls and her focus groups and she will always be looking over you in the Habbo heaven in the sky.

Reading the thread on her group it shocked me at the amount of people who were rude to her, saying that her post was too long therefore they didn’t read but  I bet if they did read it their opinion would be changed. Some told her to tell the truth and admit she was fired but I very much doubt Sulake would fire their best staff, the one who listened, the one who cared. On the other hand, HabboxForum members were more positive about Yurre and it showed what an inspiration and a good staff member she was! Some replies to the thread posted included:

Ekelektra: It really sucks, Yurre is such a great staff member and she really listened to our ideas and feedback.

Plebings: Was a huge fan of Yurre – sad to see her go.

The character ‘Yurre’ will soon disappear from Habbo, but as I said, she will be forever in our hearts!

If you want to leave your opinion about Yurre then feel free to click ‘Read More and Comment‘ below!

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