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Build 1300: Images, effects and more!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

Build 1300 could be a very exciting addition for the hotel!

Some images, codes and an effect were discovered recently and a lot of discussion has occurred in regards to what they’re going to be used for! We have done some researching (including listening to user’s views) and we now believe that the effect is for (Netherlands – don’t make the same mistake I did and think .nl is for Norway) and that some of the images could be related to Habbo CMs. Also, 1 of the images could be suggesting some more wired furniture is on the way


The effect is believed to be arriving in on May 4th. This is because May 4th and May 5th are public holidays for The Netherlands/Holland – May 4th is for thinking about the dead in WW2 and May 5th is for celebrating Holland’s liberation from Germany. The effect could have possibly been for the 2012 Olympics due to the torch relay starting soon but some have said it’s far too early for Sulake to be developing furniture and effects for the Olympics.

(You can view the effect by looking to the left of this paragraph.)


Most of the codes are simply “test codes” or for the effect. Here they are: doesn’t have any notifications yet.
fx_106=Blue Torch FX_name
fx_106=Blue Torch FX_desc
test.key.2=hhus test 2
test.key.1=hhus test 1


One of the images can already be seen at the top of this article. This image has led many people to believe it could be used to promote a new piece of wired furniture arriving in the hotel. Users have been rather eager with wired furniture and many have created posts on the Uservoice forum asking for new pieces of wired furniture.

The other 2 images discovered are believed to be related to the Habbo CM system which will supposedly be implemented into a “beta mode” on Monday. The icons will supposedly appear above a user’s head if they are looking for help or if a user is helping a habbo. These images can be viewed by looking at both sides of this paragraph.

It looks like a lot of exciting additions are coming to the hotel soon! Personally, I can’t wait to see how this Habbo CM system will work out. That’s my view, now it’s time for yours… Click “Read More & Comment’ to share your view!

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