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Catalog Shake Up0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm

Have you ever thought that the catalog was too crowded with the many furniture ranges in it? I have and sometimes I couldn’t guide myself around it whatsoever! Now, Habbo have altered this and have removed some items and some categories from the catalog!

It’s surprising what has actually been removed and some of the classic norms have disappeared and now grace our marketplace. The ‘Plastic’ furniture range which has been in there for absolutely ages has gone along with some Rollers and Floor Rugs! The problem mainly occurs with the Floor Rug section as the super rare Yellow Rug will no longer be noticeable so some people are going to be annoyed at that; people will also be accused of scamming too. 

The catalog was congested with too many ranges and I am glad they changed it but surely they should have took seasonal furniture such as Big Wave out, they took the resort/COCO furniture out so why not go the whole way? Anna furniture has also been removed and that was a popular range; they should listen to us and ask us what we want in the catalog and what we don’t want.

I feel they should remove the rest of the Rollers and the One Way Gates so we can get the proper amount of credits for them, the amount they used to be. (Rollers 1 credit per and One Way Gates 2 credits per). It’s Christmas, maybe we need more range to gift items? They are losing out on money this way surely!

Mhm, don’t really mind tbh. I think the catalogue is getting to congested nowadays anyway. ~ Pigperson

Lmao i don’t see the point, it was fine how it was imo. ~ McDonalds

Some needed to go but plastos? ~ Jordan

As you can see there are mixed opinions and there will be many more throughout the hotel, but what is your view? Do you agree with this or do you just think it’s a stupid idea? I would love to hear your views!

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