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Who saved Santa?
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Cecil, The Lion that Broke the Worlds Heart.2
By - Posted 10th August, 2015 at 5:18 pm The Real World

Zimbabwe says Zimbab-NO-way to the tragic death of a beloved lion. By now most of us have heard of the American dentist Walter Palmer. Palmer has quickly become the most hated dentist in the United States and most of the world for his actions on a hunting trip. The infamous dentist had wounded Cecil the lion with an arrow, tracked him for over 40 hours, and on July 1st, 2015 delivered the fatal shot to Cecil with a rifle. Now, for those who aren’t familiar with the story you might say; “How could he have known – surely It was a mistake!?” This though is not the case. Cecil was a very distinct looking lion in the area due to his black mane and GPS Collar. Palmer was accompanied by a hunting guide who, along with Palmer, attempted to remove the GPS collar to cover up the horrible crime. The guide responsible for helping Palmer commit this crime is Theo Bronkhorst. Palmer paid Bronkhorst a sum of $50,000 USD for a hunting trip that would include a bow hunt of a lion. Even though the hunt party acquired the proper permits for a lion, Cecil was off limits. Bronkhorst and the landowner Honest Ndlovu are also being prosecuted by the Zimbabwean government. They are believed to have lured the unsuspecting Cecil out of his sanctuary to allow Palmer to eventually wound, track, execute, skin, and behead the much loved beast. The case is an almost flawless case against the two since they can not deny how much they knew of Cecil. After all, Cecil brought them plenty of business due to his friendly nature towards humans with reports of Cecil allowing humans to come within 33 meters or 10 feet of him to be able to take photos with him.

Now that we have summed up the story and all have a general idea of what the facts of the story are, I want to ask the important question. There is no doubt that the controversy surrounding this case is great. Dentist Palmer has since had to close his practice in the United States due to the overwhelming hate-mail plastered all over his walls and doors. Amongst the hate mail, a few death threats have also popped up, according to Fox News Corp, U.S. . The backlash has gone as far as major air lines have banned the transport of hunting trophies to also get involved in taking a stand against game hunting. So I ask you fellow Habbo and Habbox community, is this taking it too far? Is hunting a horrible sport that should be banned, or is it a necessary part of human culture and evolution?

Now for you who are curious about the fate of Cecil’s Cubs and the rest of his Pride (Tribe) here’s the latest as to what has been going on with them. It was suspected by scientist and experts that Cecil’s cubs would be killed by the new Alpha of the pride since that is the usual course of action with other prides. Luckily for the cubs, though, Cecil’s brother Jericho has taken over the Pride and has been protecting them instead. A much needed bit of good news after a story full of tragedy.

So c’mon guys and gals, as I mentioned before I wanna hear what you all have to stay about this! Is hunting the evil sport the media is portraying it to be? Are you for or against? Let the Habbox community know down below in the comments!

As always Thanks for reading, Much love, Tk.

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    Zitrone commented on 10th August, 2015

    I think the hunting of certain non-endangered species is okay if it’s moderated well! Legal hunting of lions can help raise LOTS of money for locals in poorer countries in Africa so it shouldn’t be banned completely! Also the hate campaign against the dentist is just as disgusting as him killing the lion

    Tk commented on 11th August, 2015

    Great points @Zitrone ! I can completely see your very valid point brother.
    Keep the great comments coming fellas!

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