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Champagne Bottle by Pommery0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm

Champagne tower by Pommery

I have seen some amazing rooms in my time on Habbo, but some just take my breath away and look amazing! This room is no exception, it uses various furniture on Habbo to create a Champagne Bottle. It looks extremely realistic and it is nice to look at when you stumble upon it on Habbo. I came across this room when I was searching for the ‘Beverage Tower’ as part of a Snowflake Quest for Habbo’s Winter period. I searched ‘Champagne’ accidently as the old name was ‘Champagne Tower.’ Anyhow, moving onto the room itself it really is out of this world!

The masterpiece that is named ‘Champagne Bottle by Pommery’ was created in February 2008 and can be found on the client by searching either, ‘Champagne‘ or ‘Pommery‘ (alternatively you could put ownerommery in the search bar).
The room is filled with stacked furniture such as Forest Dragons, Pineapple Plants and Russian Samovars to give it the authentic look. Lemon Chairs from the Romantique range let you take the weight off your feet after you are blown away by the dazzling bottle. Father of Habbo posters fill the walls to suggest that they are watching you, guarding the drink so no one takes a sip just like in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! Don’t worry, you will not be floating towards the ceiling if you steal a sip. Finally, Ochre Ice Cream Makers and the Electric Butler allow you to eat and drink until your heart’s content! What an amazing experience and it’s all free! 

With design positive comes negatives and in this the room is all an illusion! The Dragons are stacked in such a way that you can walk around the bottle, to the other side to get another view of the place. I myself was rather upset by this as a normal Champagne Bottle wouldn’t have a gap near the end. Also, there are Ice Block Lanterns and if only the owner could come online to see that one of the Lanterns are turned off, this would cure my OCD for sure! Also, with the whole ranges of new furniture on the market now, this room could be improved a lot and be a popular hotspot for those people who want to take their Habbo date on a romantic dinner!

Overall, the room is too magnificent to talk about here, so why not pop down immediately to get the full effect? You will not regret it!
Once you look be sure to ‘read more and comment‘ to give your view.

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