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Chatting with Habbo Research Staff!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Earlier this morning, Research Staff, Yurre popped into the Habbo Research Lab to have a chat with the users about current campaigns and new features in the Hotel. This was an opportunity for many Habbo users to get their opinions and thoughts heard clearly, and to also suggest new ideas for the Hotel.

Overall the chat was a great success, many ideas and suggestions were put forward and there was lots of feedback received from them. Yurre herself was very polite and patient, listening to what we all had to say, and occasionally asking questions herself about how an idea would work or why we didn’t like something in the Hotel. She told us that she wrote down each idea to look back on and the results of the polls in her room were passed onto the relevant department at Sulake. For example, the poll results involving Habbo Customer Support will eventually be passed onto the Customer Support department for them to evaluate. It really is worth popping along to a chat if you’ve got an idea or suggestion.

Yurre began asking us about the new features in the Hotel, such as skateboarding and the new shell quests. A particular question was how many quests we’d completed in order to get the shells; this is probably going to be used for the next quests involving a temporary ‘currency’ in the Hotel. When questioned on how the Habbo staff felt about everyone protesting the Habbo changes, Yurre replied it would be ‘boring if no one had any feedback’, but what’s the use of feedback if it’s not acted upon?

After being asked for our thoughts on the latest Hotel happenings Yurre was open to our questions and suggestions. As you may know, public rooms have been removed from the Hotel, unfortunately this means that the infobus is no longer available, when questioned on whether the bus was making a return Yurre wasn’t sure but we’re hoping she’ll pass the suggestion on to someone who does know. On the subject of public rooms, there was a rather large demand for their return from the majority of the users in the room. Users didn’t like that the furni in the new public rooms wasn’t exclusive or unique, with one user saying his Habbo memories had been made in the public rooms, so it was sad that they were no longer available. Yurre asked us if Habbo staff having rooms with unique furni in them would be alright and everyone agreed that this was a good alternative. We’ll be keeping a lookout for any unique furniture we see lying about in staff rooms.

Everyone agreed that the main goal on Habbo was just about getting the badges and achievements, Yurre then asked us if we felt like we had to do the new quests and a few users replied that they felt they should. Personally I feel like I should do the quests because there isn’t a lot else going on in the Hotel. This brings us onto the topic of activities within the Hotel, now that we no longer have public rooms we’re no longer able to play the original Battleball, Snow storm, Lido Diving or Wobble Squabble, an issue everyone agreed was what was lacking in the Hotel. We also miss the Habbo staff making surprise visits to rooms and springing exciting new events on us. Habbo user aaronito1 said he remembered when there used to be ‘random hotel alerts, like “hey guys, how’s your day?”’ We all agreed that the campaigns we’ve been having are good, but there aren’t enough events to go with them. Having the Habbo staff do events makes Habbo feel more like a community and less like we’re the young people being controlled by the staff.

An important topic within the chat was Hotel security; recently we experienced a mass hacking so everyone was keen to get their ideas and suggestions across about how to keep the Hotel safe. There have also been issues with people promoting the site and being banned, as well as people reporting someone else scamming and being banned if they’ve included the scam site in their report, although we’re guessing that this is an extra precaution that’s been temporarily taken just in case. Another Habbo user, cushycoo suggested a feedback system, where if you’ve been reported you get to view what the person who reported you wrote in their report; however Yurre said this was almost an invasion of privacy and instead suggested a summary of your reports at the end of month and the action taken.

Whilst we were in discussion about the features we didn’t like about the Hotel, I came up with the idea of a Habbo Council, made up of a selection of Habbos who would work with the Habbo developers to create new features and campaigns within the Hotel. Yurre noted this idea down and began asking me to elaborate. At first thought the idea seemed similar to the chat we were having with Yurre, but I explained that we would be in direct contact with the Habbo developers themselves, the Habbo Council would get to choose the design of the furniture, the colours and even help to create it. And we wouldn’t have to limit ourselves to furniture, we could come up with campaigns, competitions and celebrity visits. The list is endless but the best part is that every single idea would come from the Habbo users themselves, that way we can’t complain if we don’t like something. The suggestion got lots of positive response from the other users in the room so hopefully this could be the start of something new!

The next chat with Yurre will be next week, for the details head over to the Habbo Research Lab and complete the poll whilst you’re there. If you’ve got a question or a comment for Yurre but can’t make the chat, leave it as a comment and your suggestion could be featured in the next sum up!

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