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ChromoZomfg's Past has been conquered!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm

The secrets of ChronoZomg’s past was unveiled and we have an overall winning team against the battle of evils!

With many activities going on to fight against ChromoZomfg – This has probably been the hardest task, but we were competent and tried again and again to get a result and our work paid off with 700 habbo’s making it through the quest, the majority of which belonged to Kitano’s Serpents of Doom which meant 5 more points for that team! Along with that, everyone who made it through received a badge and 50 lucky winners received a Coffin Sofa!

So, here’s what we found out…
–          His mother, Senaa, died in childbirth.
–          No one ever knew who the father was.
–          He grew up in the Hotel but was banned.

So, the scores have been tallied and the winners are in. 42,000 Habbo’s and 186 points later, the finals scores are:

Kitano’s Doom serpents: 69 points!
Puffin’s Dawn Fighters: 67 points!
Neja’s Dungeon Crawlers: 50 points!

It seemed throughout that Kitano had the biggest crew but Puffins team proved competitive by getting extremely close to winning with only a 2 point gap. I bet Puffin is kicking herself! I personally didn’t manage the quest; I just wasn’t good enough but my team still proved victorious and brought home the winning badge which was fantastic. I wonder how Habbo are going to top all of this again next year?!
So, a very, very close battle but as you can see the overall winners were Kitano’s Doom Serpents!
So, we are now to remained tuned for the Final Battle…

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