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Coco Resort Activities – Day 10
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm

The Habbo Coco Resort has finally opened so let the games begin!

Land activities for today are:

Shotgun Weddings
Two Habbo’s will sit on the star pillows in front of the Golden Carp statue, where the Priest will then marry the two Habbo’s. To save time and make sure that every pair of Habbo’s get to play, the Priest will be skipping the vows and going straight to the “I do’s”. The newly weds will then take a nice romantic stroll through one of the beach walkways, or back down to the seating area for refreshments. Pairs of Habbo’s from all over the Hotel will be heading to Shotgun Weddings.

If you would like to head over to Shotgun Weddings click here.

Water activities for today are:

Turtle Racing
Are you the kind of person that likes to make pretend bets on horse/dog derby’s? Then this event is the one for you and it will have all participants on the edge of their seats. Racing between the slowest animals, the Turtle! The first Turtle to the end of their lane will win! This game will surely get Coco Resort guests excited with every race that occurs!

If you would like to head over to Turtle Racing click here.

Night Time activities for tonight are:

Moonlight Cinema
After all that fun and excitement, it’s time to relax and take things easy at the Coco Resort Moonlight Cinema. Come and take a seat on the grassy knoll, or have a beverage from the award winning snack bar. There will be all your movie favorites wether it be – old classics, comedies, dramas, action or sc-fi the Moonlight Cinema is the place to be.

If you would like to head over to the Moonlight Cinema click here.

Coco Resort Circus
The Coco Resort Circus is just inside the resort and garantee’s to provide hours of fun and laughter every night. The resident toucan will be sure to get your giggles going before the show begins. The popcorn salesman will keep you nibbling away and slurping slush’s throughout the show and the stage is where you’ll see the crazy clowns and agile acrobats. So roll up now!

If you would like to head over to the Coco Resort Circus click here.

Tour activities for today are:

The Historical Lighthouse Trip
Coco Resort’s lighthouse is the place to be if you’d like the see the ebautiful waters far and beyond resort, away from the excitement of the water-skiing and other pursuits.Why not take a loved one to the light house to have a romantic time site seeing.

If you would like to head over to The Historical Lighthouse Trip click here.

Coco Show-Go Tour
The mission is to show you around the resort so you can go and enjoy yourself! Coming to the Coco Show-Go Tour would be a wonderful chance for Habbo’s to sit back and relax and do what you, when you want. With a 5 Star Hotel thats has plenty of open space there is more than enough rooms to cater for every Habbo that wants to get a break from their hecktik habbo lifestyle. If you’re a more of a green finger, why not chillax in the natural Tiki huts where the birds and the bee’s will sing you to sleep. Guest’s at the Coco Show-Go can explore around the rooms, through the hotel, outside into peace gardens, slash around or even surf the waves of the ocean and theni finish it off with a quick show around the Tiki cabins.

If you would like to head over to the Coco Show-Go Tour click here.

Touring the Forest
Have you ever watched survivor or Im A Celebrity and wondered what it was like? we’ll now you can have a sneak peak at the Coco resorts forest. This forest isn’t full of deadly snakes and speedy spiders oh no! This forest will show you the beauty of forest’s and how forests mean so much to us Habbo’s and animals. So every guest will walk away knowing thats forests aren’t  all about discomfort!

If you would like to head over to Touring the Forest click here.

Also, if you have an idea and would like to submit it to Habbo you can find out how to do so here.

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