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CoCo Resort Day 2!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm

After a hectic first day, Habbo staff have selected Day 2’s best activites!

Now the gates to the resort have been opened, there are hundreds of rooms willing to be showcased in front of the whole community. On Day 1, there were activities like Turtle Racing, a Moonlight Cinema, a Tour of the Forest and even a Coco Circus! Today follows through well, with a wide range of enjoyable things to do, such as…


Shell Collecting
By Candyblock

The name says it all: Shell Collecting! Search the Coco Resort beach, and collect and find as many shells as you can. Bring your family, or any randoms you might find around the beach to come along too! The Habbo with the most shells found after 5 minutes wins! It might sound boring, but you never know what you’ll find. Bring your buckets and spades and come out for a nice day of shell collecting at the beach!
Find this HERE!


Dragon Racing
By Mr-Trainor

Dragon Racing is a free, fun and fantastic new wired game, which provides a very active and enjoyable experience on land. It can be played with up to four friends at a time and it’s all about getting your Dragon to the finish line before everyone else. Coco Resort guests should come along for all these reasons, but also because it’s a 24/7 game and no host is needed to moderate! It really will be fun in the sun!
This room is HERE!


Mr & Mrs CoCo Resort 2011
By Fairycake.

If you think you’re the hottest Habbo on the Coco Resort beach then you should come and prove it by coming down to Mr & Mrs Coco Resort 2011. And by hot, we don’t mean sizzling under the sun and bright pink from sunburn. Come show off your tans (or lack of!) by the stunning waterfall and show Coco Resort what you’ve got! The perfect place to strut your stuff!
Located HERE!

There are so many more amazing attractions on, we couldn’t list them all! Of course, you can find more information at:

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