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Codes, Codes, Codes!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Habbo has flooded the Habbox community with a whole bunch of codes, and in this report we are going to try examine and elaborate on some of the code logs which we have found! The first set consists of something that comes around very rarely in terms of Habbo, and this is free stuff, check this out:

+ landing.view.xmasghost2.bodytext=Whoa, grab your Ghost of Xmas badge quickly and help the angry butler find his holiday spirit. On December 1st, everyone with the badge will get 10 FREE CREDITS!

It seems that Habbo are giving away 10 Credits in a Christmas campaign, this is something that isn’t seen too often on Habbo, so some players are starting to predict that there will be a catch behind this, as we know the way that Sulake behave. The last few months on Habbo have revolved around profit hunting, this referring back to the coin hunting events such as Nuts, Clouds and Diamonds.

The second set of coding is something that has been requested quite a bit on the Habbo UserVoice, Habbos all over the hotels have complained that the room administration system is not good enough, and needs more options such as longer bans and muting.The primary suggestion was posed by Financier and received over 1,000 votes. It seems that the day has arrived, check this out:

+ infostand.button.mute_10min=Mute for 10 mins
+ infostand.button.mute_5min=Mute for 5 mins
+ infostand.button.ban_hour=Ban for an hour
+ infostand.button.perm_ban=Ban permanently
+ infostand.button.mute_2min=Mute for 2 mins

Habbo seem to be enhancing the room rights system, however we are wary that this feature may be easily abused, mistakes could even be made by the slip of a click. Yet on the positive side of these codes, this is going to work wonders for Habbo nuisances such as trolls and spammers.

There are plenty more sets of codes which you can find here:
What’d you think of the codes? Are Habbo finally stepping up their game? Tell us in the “Read More & Comment” section!

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