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Coffee, the real deal breaker0
By - Posted 24th June, 2016 at 7:40 pm The Real World

Hi friends. For some time now I have watched people… to the point where it has become unbearable. I cringe and I have realized something that we may not even think of. How we take our coffee really describes how we feel about the day. In this segment I will give you some insight on my experiences on why people choose a certain way of getting coffee, and how it reflects either their mood, their body language, and even their appearance.

Some things are better left unexplained, but heck… I’m not one of those people.

I was sitting at a café once, minding my own business, when all of a sudden a man busted through the door like he was a mission. The stare in his eyes could kill innocent children… and I bet you he just finished an argument. His eyes were bloodshot, his hands clenched, and I was for sure he was going to kill the next person that got on his last nerve (if he had any left). I choked back my coffee as I didn’t want to be here if crap hit the fan. The man got up to the cashier and in her soft voice she smiled and said, “Looks like you could use some coffee. I’ll get you your favorite!” Quickly she ran, grabbed a cup and poured the darkest roast they have. She passed it to him and she said, “It’s on the house today!”

He gulped it back as his temperament started decreasing. He went directly towards a chair and sat down. After seeing him leave and the coast was clear, I went up to the cashier and I asked her about the individual. She chuckled and she told me not to worry as he wouldn’t hurt a fly. She then began to talk about how he is in a big law firm and after every intense court case, he would get a bit connected and he becomes very fuming when it isn’t going the way he wants. Again, he has come in prior stating that when he comes in like that to give him the boldest coffee brewing and let him pay for it later (Which he always does).

She began to explain that with the strong coffee – the aroma gives him a sense of peace, and allows him to calm down. She was indeed impressed the first time it had ever happened and she also has told me that that individual was one of her favorite customers. He is always pleasant, and always knows what he wants.

My perspective on straight black coffee is that you can get the best aroma feeling from it. To be honest, the first thing I need is a good dose of coffee if I’m not having a good day. Coffee that allows my heart to start racing and my adrenaline to kick in. It’s also nice to know that straight black coffee is sometimes the best for headaches too.

But until next time, I’ll ramble more about coffee tastings.

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