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[Competition] Build Your Hideout0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:21 pm

Habbo introduce the next stage of the ‘Rule The School’ event.

That’s right, Habbo have introduced the next stage in this event, which requires you to create a team hideout! This is a great opportunity for you to earn your team some points and push them ahead in the battle for which group will ‘Rule The School.’

So, you’re probably wondering what is involved in this competition. Well here’s all the details;

. You must design the room, to suit your ‘RTS (Rule The School)’ team. For example, if you were part of the “GnOrks” team  then you could create a science lab or a library. (This is where the new school furniture becomes useful!)

. Once you’ve finished your beautiful creation  you must take a screenshot of it (press the button “prt sc” – it’s one of the small buttons – if that doesn’t’ work, try holding ‘fn’ then pressing ‘prt sc’ – if it still doesn’t work, you’ll have to research how to do it ,online).

. When you have taken the screenshot  head on over to your email, click compose email and include these details in the email;

Email it to: [email protected]
Subject: RTS Hideout – ‘team name’. Replace the ‘team name’ with the team you have joined.
Attach: The screenshot of your room

Include in the email: Your Habbo name!

So I bet you’re thinking the competition  sounds good, what about the prizes though?! Well  the rooms that are chosen in the top 20 winning rooms (20 rooms – 5 rooms each from each team) will earn each of the room owners a prize – a super sexy badge!

If you thought that was it, you’re wrong! The 20 rooms will then be placed in ‘The School’ and other users will vote on which they think is the best room. The room that gets most votes wins 10 team points, second place 8 team points, third place 6 team points and last place 4 team points.

If you want to enter this competition, you better get started soon – because all entries close on Tuesday August 30th, 7am EST (that’s 7pm in Singapore, 10pm in Sydney, 4am in Los Angeles and 11am in London).

What do you think about the ‘Rule The School’ event? Is it great fun to be part of ? Or is it un-interesting, and the word ‘school’ is enough to scare you? Share your view by clicking ‘Read more and Comment.’

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