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[COMPETITION] There's a Habbo safety jeopardy!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm

Get prepared to face the ‘Safety Jeopardy’ questions! 

The next chapter in our epic ‘HBC Station’ story…

In between dealing with sloppy chef work, some major soap opera issues and looking for the keys to the Big Brother house, Puffin received a letter from the Broadcaster’s Public Service Bureau, claiming that HBC was lacking severely in (and we quote) “serious content and public information“.

“Oh no.. not another thing to worry about!” The bags under Puffin’s eyes had reached another shade of dark.

“How can this be,” squealed Neja, “Chef Hannibal is sharing recipes for wholesome family food every day!”

“I hardly think it counts when his swear words by far outnumbers the grains of salt he uses…” Said Puffin with a heavy sigh.

A moment of dark silence was interrupted by a bright light turning on above Kitano’s head.

“Hey, dudes… I think I might have a solution!”

He remembered finding a taping of a 70s game show (not unlike Jeopardy), hidden under a pile of Monopoly money stashed away in Lord P’s safe… 

“What’s more boring.. sorry, publicly conscious… than answering questions about history and geography?!” Kitano was getting excited.

“We should do a Safety Quiz tournament or something like that, I think I know a few people that could do with a refresher!” Neja was squinting at Kitano…

“Oh! You think I’m not safety savvy, is that it?! Just because of that tiny little incident last week, you think you can squint at me? Yeah? Well, I bet you my password I can beat you at any safety quiz any day of the week–“

“There, there, kids… settle down. We can’t let the stress get to us.” Puffin stepped in between the two, deep in thought.. “I think you’re on to something… I think we should do it…”

As Puffin stepped away to call up the Community Team about doing a script, Neja whispered to Kitano: “You’re on… you are SO on!”

So, after that very long and intriguing story, the hotel managers have decided to come up with a very interesting competition for you all to partake in! This fantastic competition will be spread out over 5 days (yes… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ironically) and is based around internet safety and staying secure on Habbo. I bet you’re all keen to find out how to enter… well just read on;

1) Head on down to the ‘Safety Jeopardy Studio’. This can be found under ‘Official/Featured’ rooms or you can gain access to the room by going to this link (you must be signed in):

2) Wait for the poll to appear (shouldn’t take longer than 10 seconds to appear) and select ‘ok’ to start the poll. Also! As an added bonus, Sulake have allowed you to access the poll in spectator mode.

3) Select the statement which you think should go before the answer. Many users have been slightly confused by this (I had to help 45 people figure it out), so here is an example;

Q: Has 230 million registered accounts.

A. Cannabis
B. Thorpe Park
C. Habbo

The answer is quite clearly ‘Habbo’, you cannot make an account with ‘cannabis’ or ‘Thorpe park’.

4) Finish the poll and you’re done!


Woo! The favourite bit… prizes! If you successfully fill in each day’s poll correctly – you will receive 5 badges… whereas if you only filled in 3 day’s polls correctly, you would only receive 3 badges (you get the idea… different poll each day = different badge.) The 5 badges which you can win are displayed on the left hand side.

This seems to be a very useful competition and will definitely educate a lot of users about staying safe and secure online!

Will you be entering these polls? Do you think this is an interesting competition? Share your view now by posting it below!

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