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Could it be the end of batteries?!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:33 pm
Could batteries be rendered useless in the near future?
A team at the University of Bedfordshire have successfully managed to create a way of using “waste” radio waves to power electronic systems as opposed to batteries. They discovered this method in their “spare time” in which they were researching “power harvesting” at the university. This new method of gaining power could be used in many electronic gadgets such as clocks or remote controls.
This is believed to be the first ‘invention’ of its kind and the university has already requested that a patent be placed on it to secure recognition of the technique. If they secure the patent, it will prove that this is the very first technique of its kind in the world.
The new technique uses radio waves which have the potential to power an item, just like sound waveslight waves and wind waves. The technique reduces the need for conventional batteries which means less toxic waste would be dumped into landfills every year equalling a greener energy source. It has been described as “a really exciting way of taking power from sources we wouldn’t normally imagine.”
Professor Allen said that he plans to continue the development in this technique and then went on to describe the next stage; “Our next stage is to try and raise some real funds so that we can take this work forward and make a working prototype and maybe partner up with the right people and take this to a full product in due course.”
Personally, I think this is an amazing discovery. It’ll save me lots of money in the future… no more shopping for batteries! Science truly is amazing.

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