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New create a bundle feature: confusing or creative?1
By - Posted 21st June, 2021 at 12:00 pm Habbo

Recently, Habbo announced the new User Created Bundles feature.

It has now been released on for those users after a short period of testing – and it will be rolled out to other hotels later in the year.

The top thing to flag is the feature is only available to Builders Club members, and only within the Unity client.

Click ‘read more’ to see how the feature works and what I think about it!


What you can & cannot sell in the bundle

While you can use many items in one bundle there are lots of limitations on what you can include. The following cannot be added to bundles:

  • Exclusive Builders Club items 
  • Rares 
  • Credit furni 
  • Limited Edition Rares (LTDs)

If items are available in the Shop as well as Builders Club, you are able to use these items. This includes any ranges in Builders Club that are in the shop also.

It is possible to use Builders Club to design your bundle, as long as the items are also available in the Shop.

Personally, I think this could be quite confusing to figure out what furni and ranges you can use. However it does make sense for the rares side of things: if a rare/LTD was sold inside this bundle it would duplicate the item and make more and more of the item inside the hotel.

Will I lose the furni I use in the bundle?

All furni that has been added to the bundle will stay in your room, and a duplicate room will be made & added to a new category of the navigator for people to buy. So in short – no! You will not lose any items in that single bundle you have created.

These bundles seem to be aimed at people who are not as good at building rooms, but might come across yours and like the idea of the room/furni usage.

You cannot buy the bundle yourself if you own that specific bundle. Only users that don’t own the bundle will be able to purchase it.

How to sell my bundle and how much do I make? 

It’s quite easy to make and sell a bundle.

First, you have to be a Builders Club member. You build a room (with either furni from BC or your hand). Once you’ve built the room, click the new button in Room Settings – an icon called “create a room bundle”.

There are some automated popups then which show you about the furni and pricing.

The bundle is priced depending price of the items in the shop (excluding bulk discounts).

Confusing, but basically, if one of your bundle items is 3 credits in the shop, then the item will also be 3 credits in your bundle. This includes Diamond and Ducket prices.

You can also optionally set an “extra” price, which is a good feature in my opinion, as builders can effectively ‘charge’ for the hours they spend working on a build.

When a bundle is sold, the maker/seller gets a share of the furni price (somewhere between 7% and 10% from our testing, with a minimum of 13c total price to make profit), plus 90% of the “extra price”. The buyer will get a discount of 10% of the shop price when purchasing a room bundle from another user.

How do I purchase a room bundle?

User created bundles are now on a new tab of the navigator (only on the Unity client).

When you find a bundle you like you can either go back to the navigator & purchase the bundle by clicking the “i” (information icon) and click the bundle icon to purchase. Or you can enter the room and click the room info button to see it.

There is a popup that shows you items are in that specific bundle by just clicking “included items” when on the settings.

Overall, I think this is a good feature, especially for creative people who will be able to create beautiful rooms, and for people who aren’t great builders to OWN beautiful rooms. However I do wonder how useful this will be as a lot of people do just collect seasonal furni and don’t really build rooms themselves.


What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the new feature? Let us know.

Like! 3
    MadameJaquack commented on 21st June, 2021

    I really like the idea of having this feature but I think only being able to use furni that’s currently in the shop is a disappointment. When they first announced/hinted at the feature I was under the impression that players would be able to create new room bundles in similar styles to the ones that Habbo release regularly, which would include furni that isn’t necessarily available at the moment or maybe won’t be re-released any time soon. That being said, it is a brand NEW feature so who knows – maybe once people have adjusted to it, stopped just using it to get achievements and given Habbo some constructive feedback they could still alter things.

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