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CW network makes a few changes!0
By - Posted 2nd April, 2018 at 9:02 pm Entertainment

It seems some changes on the Easter break have come to light with the CW network as it makes some changes to its midseason schedule!
Whack that “read more” button to see what’s going on.

The CW network has given the green light to The Originals, which will now air its premiere 2 days before its originally stated date and will now air Wednesday April 18 at 9PM! However a red light has come forward to the show Life Sentence, starring A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song actress Lucy Hale, as they have been given an unfortunate death sentence due to their low ratings and will now air on Fridays at 9PM.

Life Sentence centres around a woman named Stella (who is played by Lucy Hale) as she has been living with terminal cancer. Due to her condition she has been completing a bucket list of things to do before she dies – only to discover later that a cure has been found. She then has to live with the decisions she has made when she did have cancer, and also struggles to make future life choices as well.

The official midseason line-up now has Riverdale (featuring “Carrie The Musical” ) on April 18 at 8-9PM followed by The Originals (season premiere ) at 9-10PM. On Friday the 20th of April a new episode of Dynasty will appear at 8-9PM followed by Life Sentence at 9-10PM, this will then have the same line up for these 2 shows in May. As for the final show that has been airing on the CW network, Jane The Virgin, it will air its final episode to the season sometime later this month as well.

All this is happening due to the ratings that have been occurring for these shows and by switching it up , CW president Mark Pedowitz and his network hope the changes will boost the ratings and hope to do better than it has done in the past.

Last year when Season 4 of The Originals had aired it had on average 1 million viewers which gave it a rating on 0.3 which is one of the reasons they have been given a new improved premiere date. However, Life Sentence is unlikely to get a second season and has only been rating on average 0.1 the whole season.

Are you happy with this change? Comment your thoughts below!

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