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Deceased Officers' Ceremony0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:43 pm

At a recent memorial for police officers killed in action PCs Bone & Hughes have been honoured


The annual National Police Memorial Day is held in York and celebrates the lives and work of all officers killed on duty. It has run since 2004 and tries to lessen the burden on families affected by the deaths.

Over 2,000 people attended the service on Sunday, one of the largest attendance figures recorded by the York Minster, the venue. The names of all deceased were read out, including recently shot Police Constable Bone and Police Constable Hughes, in addition to the singing of hymns and a procession.

The incumbent Archbishop of York led the service and titled the officers as “the bravest of the brave“. Prayers were also announced from figures of both political importance and closeness to deceased.

In the period known as the modern policing era, over 4,000 officers have been killed as a result of their work, 7 of whom this year. On average a dozen die each year, an astonishingly high rate. 

Sgt Joe Holness, the founder of the service explained his disappointment in other members of the community: “This annual memorial was long overdue when we set it up. Since 1792 officers have been giving their lives in order to protect the community, and we felt that it was time to pay tribute to them in the same way members of the armed forces honour their fallen colleagues.

Both women’s funerals will be conducted in the following week. Our hearts are with them at this truly sorrowful time.

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