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Department Spotlight – HabboxLive!0
By - Posted 11th April, 2018 at 10:13 pm Habbox

So Department Spotlight continues, with me instead of Madison, and this time we are focusing on HabboxLive! If you are into music, love to entertain, or have a great idea that would benefit our radio department this is the place for you! Click “read more” to see how it is to be part of our awesome radio crew.

HabboxLive is so much more than music. If you have ever tuned into the radio at Habbox.com you know how much energy our DJs put into entertaining you as a listener.

I have personally been part of this department so I know how much energy it takes from you. DJs put time in to schedule their shows, write scripts of what to say, check that requested songs are not too explicit, plan competitions to keep more listeners, do weekly giveaways (where they also make sure people dont hold the line or say the code out loud!) and so much more, but in the end it is all worth it when people tell you you’ve had a great show and when you start getting regular listeners because they enjoy your show.

There are many different types of staff within the department, and like any department there is a hierarchy:

  • DJ – After your trial you become a full HabboxLive DJ with all the responsibilities and benefits.
  • Senior DJ – Prove yourself as a HxL DJ and you might be promoted to Senior DJ! A Senior DJ is there to encourage and support DJs in most aspects from broadcaster support or general HabboxLive support should anyone require it. This duty is called Help Point. Senior DJs are there to encourage the uptime of HabboxLive and to run a weekly event to encourage user engagement but also perform team bonding with other DJs.
  • Head DJ – Prove yourself as a Senior and you might be promoted to Head DJ. Head DJs are there to oversee the Seniors, guiding and supporting them into the role. They are there as a figure head for all DJs. Head DJs also support managers where necessary to ensure uptime is maintained and to be the first point of contact should any issues arise. They have similar responsibilities to a Senior but with the addition of supporting managers more directly.
  • (Assistant) Help Desk Manager – The managers of HabboxLive have to keep the DJs active and keep the radio on as much as possible. They have to make reports each month, organise special events, and hire people into their department. At the moment the manager of HabboxLive is Matt known as ed2k on the forum and hotel and the assistant manager is Paul (paul99099).

There are four things you need to know about if you consider joining HabboxLive.

All you need to start DJing is a Habbox account and a version of the program SAM Broadcaster, the department will provide you with a version if you dont have it. When you have downloaded that the department has a step-by-step guide on how to set it up properly and you are good to go!
A Skype account is also recommended so you can join the staff chat for news about the department, mingle with other DJs, or get swift assistance if you need help with anything.

As a DJ for Habbox Live, you have to hit a minimum of 3 slots every week, you prebook those slots Monday every week on the habbox live panel, when your show is coming up you check in on the panel to make sure you were on time for your show, and the DJ before you will count you in so your first song will start when his last song ends.

The more you DJ every week the better reward you get! HabboxLive has a lotto-based reward system where you can win credits, and they have a special pick every week between anyone who did 10 slots or more to win a personalised jingle.

If you don’t hit your minimums or break any rules within the department you will end up getting a warning. When you get a warning you will receive a PM on the forum explaining why you got your warning, when you got it and when it will expire. Don’t worry! Of course we would not want to lose any staff so most of the time you are able to talk to Matt to figure out a solution before you will hit your 2nd warning.


HabboxLive hold weekly giveaways from the account HxLGiveaway on Habbo. The department will have 2 roles during giveaways.

  • The DJ: There will be a DJ live during the giveaway to make sure people get the special password they need to whisper to receive their furniture.
  • HxLGiveaway: There will be a person on the giveaway account who makes sure people don’t shout the password out loud, the line is not blocked, and who will give out furniture to the people whispering the password.


To end off my article I asked a few questions to workers at HabboxLive!:

Matt aka DJ Mathew (HabboxLive Manager)

What is it like being Manager of HabboxLive?

Being the manager has zero dull moments; you work along with a team of so many energetic and different personalities. You’re constantly looking at new possibilities to ensure HabboxLive can reach its potential. It comes with its challenges but it’s brilliant.

What is the most important skill as a Habbox DJ?

It’s hard to narrow down to just one; you need to be able to relax, have fun and not worry. Interact with the show and the listeners react back and get involved.

You said being a manager has zero dull moments, what makes it all worth in the end?

It’s the fact that everyone comes together to work as a team with a common goal of building and strengthening HabboxLive. We’re a great bunch and we’re always welcoming additions to the ever changing and ever growing team.

Lastly why should people join HabboxLive?

HabboxLive is always looking for DJs to join our ever expanding team. We work with and support any DJ into the role; even those who may have never done DJing before. We offer a weekly lotto based reward system to win credits and the reward system is forever expanding. We appreciate and support feedback into the dept and we want those who join to feel appreciated and love what they do!

Paul aka DJ Paulie (HabboxLive Assistant Manager)

What is it like working as a Habbox DJ?

Good & enjoyable.

Why did you choose to join the Department?

I like DJing, I’ve done it on & off for a couple of years now.

Did you feel any big changes with your recent promotion to Assistant Manager?

Just bit more things to help out with.

Lastly why should people join Habbox Live?

It’s fun, play music & meet new people

Josh aka DJ Tripjay (HabboxLive DJ)

What is it like working for HabboxLive?

Working at Habbox, like anything has its ”happy” and ”sad” moments but overall when I look over the work I have put my time and dedication into, I can’t help but get the sense I have done something to be proud of. Additionally, anywhere else cannot beat the sense of team and family that working here brings.

You are pretty known for doing more than just play music with your prank calls and that stuff, how did you come up with that?

Most of the things, segments, and bits I do on air are purely improv. In my opinion radio is about expression and the things you do and say must come from the heart. I learned when I was young if you put time and compassion into what you do, you can do anything.

You have done a 24 hour charity show for Habbox where you give out prizes, did challenges, and gave a lot of your time for the cause. What made it worth it?

The thing that made it worth it for me was doing something great for not only the charity, but for Habbox as well. In the end, the feeling of doing something that benefits your team and those around is incomparable to anything else.

Lastly why should people join HabboxLive?

People who are interested in the music, news, sound, or the broadcasting industry should definitely consider joining HabboxLive and even other areas of habbox.com. Additionally if you want to have fun and work with a lovely group of people on something extraordinary, then Habbox is the place for you!

Kyle aka DJ Alert (our newest DJ!)

Was the trial hard?

I wouldn’t say hard no, I’d say… As long as you’re dedicated, you have nothing to worry about.

Do you feel you got the help you needed to get started as a DJ?

100%. Everyone here has been beyond helpful and kind, made me feel welcome right off the bat. Anyone I have talked to has greeted me with with extraordinary kindness and are willing to help above anything else. It’s a tight family. I see that already and I’m welcomed with arms open.

Do you have any advice to people who might consider joining HabboxLive?

Do it! Don’t think about it. Don’t hum and haw over it. The people behind the music, the articles, events, and the forums are all amazing people building something amazing for all us Habbos to enjoy and collaborate together on. To meet people, and make friends. Join. You won’t be disappointed.

Lastly why should people join HabboxLive?’

If you love Habbo, want to meet new people, and do something that brings joy to not only yourself but others, then join Habbox. It’s the oldest Habbo fan site, and it’s still going strong. There has to be a reason why… Because we’re the best! We are the most knowledgeable, and always there for the Habbos.

Do you want to join this department? Then click here to get signed up!

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