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Design a dragon dance hall!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Burn baby burn – disco inferno! (Or should that be ‘hall inferno’…)

Now that we’ve all gotten into the Chinese New Year spirit, don’t you think it’s time that we had somewhere to release our inner rave and roar like a dragon?! This is exactly what the hotel staff are looking for – a ‘dragon dance hall’ to place into the ‘CNY (Chinese New Year) party floor’ of the navigator.
I mean, it wouldn’t be a very exciting Chinese New Year without a place for everyone to rave and for the teenagers to bring vodka… I mean, for the teenagers to have a wild time;]
So, here’s how to take part in this magnificent room-building competition:
1. Build a CNY party room (a fantastic looking dance hall) – try to be as creative and imaginative as possible, and you are allowed to work with a maximum of 2 friends (that’s 3 people in a ‘team’ maximum for those who can’t count.) Also, don’t forget to include the CNY furniture!

2. Take a screenshot of your masterpiece – if you don’t know how, use a search engine or ask a friend to find out how.
3. Save the image as .jpeg (bad quality), .png or .gif (“good” quality) and then attach to an E-mail addressed to [email protected]
4. In the E-mail, ensure these are included;
–          Subject title: Dance Hall
–          The room owner’s Habbo name
–          The Habbo names of friends who helped out
–          The link and the name of the room!
The deadline:

The deadline for this competition is Monday 6th February at 14:00 GMT / UK time (that’s 9am in New York and Toronto, 6am in Los Angeles, 10pm in Singapore, and 1am in Sydney the next morning).

The lucky winners will receive the recently named ‘Sky Lighter Dragon’ (to symbolise good luck), a pack of 5 treasure patches (to symbolise good fortune), a special badge (for showing-off) and they will have their room placed into the special CNY party floor for next Tuesday’s festivities!
Who knows, at the party they may even sing a remix titled “Who let the dragons out?”…

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