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Limited Edition Rares
Diamond Exchange Updates!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:45 pm

Over the year, Habbo has given players the opportunity to win super rare prizes in the game of Fast Food and even brought out a new currency, named the Platinum Bar that’s worth 500 Credits. Previously, it was said the bar itself was a limited item, similar to the Limited Edition Rares released over the year but recent catalogue updates proved that promises were broken yet again! In addition to the bar returning, the Small Ruby and Big Ruby can also be found in the catalogue under the ‘Diamond Exchange‘ tab and they’re available for the Diamonds Habbo believe they’re worth.

Before the release this afternoon, both the Small Ruby and Big Ruby were super rares due to the way in which they could be obtained, each week 3 Small Rubies whilst only 1 Big Ruby was given out to players on hotels such as .COM, .BR and .ES. However, as they have been released their title has been stripped and for the future they’ll only be normal, categorised rares. The ‘Rubies‘ being released if you will didn’t spark as much outburst as I thought they would and trust me I was shocked they were released (possibly because Habbo was attempting to make gaming more popular and make profit from the items) but it still does beg the question why? The game seemed to be doing reasonably well and if players wanted to obtain a ruby beforehand they could have via 2 possible ways, on the Fast Food game or purchasing from another player. Hopefully, they won’t be available for that long as selling them for 75 Diamonds (Small Ruby) and 200 Diamonds (Big Ruby) will just destroy the price they’ve already established with being 2 of the rarest items on the game.

Contrasting from the Rubies, the Platinum Bar was said earlier to be a limited piece, not being released again although players never ruled out what would happen as of course Habbo is unpredictable. Although the currency was released for 500 Credits (or Diamonds in this case) beforehand the price was nearly 100 Credits over making the value a staggering 600 Credits. However, as members on Habbox Forum stressed, the value that took months to develop will soon decrease as players can gain Diamonds by buying Credits or viewing Credit Offer Videos so they’ll add up eventually.

Some opinions on the matter were mainly negative, with wondering why on Earth Habbo decided to release the items; due to the rarity of them I wouldn’t want to have had any of them before the release.

Red: “They said that the Platinum Bar was LIMITED and wouldn’t be sold anymore.”
McDonalds: “I guess they thought it would encourage people to get Diamonds.”

What are you opinions on the matter, was it a smart move by Habbo or will it destroy the game further? Leave your opinions by clicking ‘Read More and Comment.’

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