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Ding Dong the Rabbit's Gone0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:12 pm

Get any new badges recently? Were they Mushrooms?

I guess the challenges Habbo set weren’t that difficult as they thought they would be, you managed it! You stopped the Rabbit Cult and in doing so you have been awarded with very spectacular Mushroom badges.

There were two challenges to face, the Path of the Bunnies and the Mushroom Challenge, if you were successful in completing the challenges and entering the poll then you were awarded with the corresponding badge! However, if you managed to do both of the challenges and made it through to the Cul Leader of the Rabbits then you’d get another badge to top it off…The ultimate badge!

In each challenge there was one key word that you gained at the end of each poll, they formed “Bunny Hunt” and when spoken to the Cult Leader’s guardian Bunnies then a path was cleared for you to get through the teleporter.

All badges have now been delivered so you can show them all off!

Haven’t got your badge yet? Reload the Hotel!

Finally, Habbo promised that 50 lucky Habbos would receive a Mega Shroom and two Mushroom Walls each.

Were you a lucky winner? Click here to find out.

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