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Doctors agree to help 'hairy face' boy0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:17 pm
Doctors in China have agreed to help a Chinese boy who’s face is partly covered with thick black hair.
An Qi was born with a very large and unusual birth mark which covered most of his face. However, the problem did not lie there… As the boy grew older, hair started to grow on the large birthmark.
The boy is currently being brought up by his grandparents as his father sadly passed away when An Qi was only four and his mother then remarried. The boys grandfather Fan Jingzue said “From being very young, he would try to cover his face with his hands all of the time. He would ask me to fix his face for him. He wouldn’t go to nursery because the other kids would call him Monkey or Hairy Boy.
The president of the hospital that will be operating the young boy, Zheng Xiaoqin has said that this was “an unusual case” but has agreed that the Min Yi Plastic Surgery Hospital will help the boy by covering all surgery costs.
He stated that the surgery would be carried out in stages, but eventually “when it’s finished, An Qi will have a new face. You will hardly be able to see the scars” he says.

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