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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

With Paul LaFontaine recently announcing that the return of home pages would be delayed, how long will it be until they are permanently removed?

A recent tweet sent by Paul LaFontaine (current CEO of Sulake) implied that the return of Habbo home pages aren’t a top priority for Sulake in regards to the “great unmute” which has led to many users questioning if the home pages are ‘on death row’. There has been less and less interest in them over the years and the amount of Stickers/Backgrounds being released is slowly declining – the removal of full length news articles (which would usually mention updates to the Web Store) simply added insult to injury.

Competitions focusing on home pages have also ended. Disarno and 0rca both held competitions for the most creatively designed homes (on a monthly basis) but these ended after 0rca left the staff team in late 2011 and a return has not been mentioned anywhere.

Also, due to more information becoming client based (e.g. the Hotel View is usually the main provider of information to users) and due to the introduction of Profiles, the necessity of these pages stand at risk. Group pages were not re-added in the latest update and no new widgets have been added in the past few years. It’s almost as if staff members simply stopped caring a long time ago!

If this feature was ever axed by Sulake then a lot of difficulty would arise in regards to compensation. Many users have spent a vast amount of credits on their pages and refunding every person would be quite a time consuming process. Also, the Guestbook would vanish as well, thus providing less chance of a user being able to talk to a random player before adding them. Let’s also not forget that some home pages are incredibly appealing to the eye!

Although there are no signs for the complete removal of this feature yet, how long will it be until someone decides to pull the plug on the system? Share your view by clicking “Read More & Comment”.

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