It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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Earn those points!

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Ecotron set to return!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:41 pm

In May 2012, the Plastic furniture range was removed from the catalogue never to be sold that way again, this was built up with the release of the Rainbow Plasto Limited Edition Rares, Transparent Plasto in pink, white and Black Plasto via the Ecotron service! After this was complete the Ecotron feature left alongside the Plastic range and hasn’t made an appearance since. The Ecotron was a great feature that allowed you to recycle your old furniture that you no longer needed or couldn’t sell and it gave you the chance to win a range of items such as Eco Mushrooms

It has been found today that the Ecotron is set to return to our clients soon and codes have been found regarding it, there are some odd ones included which made me think ‘what on Earth could that be?’ So I guess we’ll have to wait and see, hoping that it will be improved with a whole new range of prizes on offer!

The codes found are:

landing.view.furnimatic.catalogpromo.caption=It’s Furni Jim, But Not As We Know It
landing.view.furnimatic.recyclerpromo.bodytext.bottom=This week from the Furni-Matic we asked for Furni around the theme of buddy cop movies, instead it’s giving us strange alien objects and out of this world Scifi Furni. Get yours today!
landing.view.furnimatic.recyclerpromo.timer.caption=Time Left In The Furni-Matic:
landing.view.furnimatic.recyclerpromo.caption=All Hail The Furni-Matic! The Metal
landing.view.community_catalog_button.text.furniMatic=Check it out!’ve scrapped the old Eco-tron and replaced it with the fantastic, space-age Furni-Matic.
The Furni-Matic is a Furni building machine of the highest caliber. Go to the Furni-Matic page in the Shop and exchange your old Furni for some brand new Scifi Furni! The Furni-Matic will be updated every few days with new items,so remember to check back regularly! Furni fed to the Furni-Matic. Keep it up!

It looks like that we’ll be treated with new Scifi furni but I believe that they’re milking that a bit much, they already give out Scifi furni for KickWars Galactica so why do it for the Ecotron too? By the looks of it, it will not even be called the Ecotron anymore and be like the version years ago whereby you had set furni items to recycle to get such and such furni; just like the Polar Sofa and Palm Chair before the BETA stage. This links to the ‘Time Left In The Furni-Matic‘ code to say it has an expiry and life expectancy; if it’s like that then I feel it would be tedious and boring waiting around for your items to be recycled. What are your views on that?

We’ve scrapped the old Eco-tron and replaced it‘ I thought it was fine before so why change such a feature? What were your opinions on the former Ecotron and do you think the new one will be just as good? 

However, there are negative aspects that seem to arose from this new yet old feature but there are positive ones too, the fact that they’re including new items instead of old ones such as the Eco Lamps, Curtains and Stools; they’ll also update more often than previously which contributes to the positive side too!

I feel indifferent at the moment, I’m glad it’s returning but I liked the previous version, especially the Plasto one whereby you didn’t have to wait five minutes until recycling again but then again I don’t believe it will be as good as others unless some items are rarer than others to gain some value as not many are going to want to recycle to gain an item worth less than one credit, are they? We’ll have to wait until it returns to get more opinions on it, but with the codes above what do you think it will be like, will you use it and will it bring back a retro feel to the old hotel most loved and wanted back? 

I’d love to know your views, click ‘Read more and Comment‘ below to give me them!

Clue 10: Which two colours did the Transparent Plasto ranges come in? _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ (the first word has 4 letters whereas the second has 5).

Read about the Crossword Challenge here

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