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End to Board-om0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Habbo always keeps us coming back by putting more and more new furni in the catalog! This time they have continued to do so by bringing out a furni line which fits into the brand new game of Skateboarding. As Skateboarding is hot at the moment Habbo felt no better moment would come up to introduce the new furni.

They bring Habbo to a whole new level as they say, you can graffiti and you can get away with it, as long as it’s kept to your Habbo walls!

The new furni is in the urban shop collection now, and when logging on Habbo the catalog should have a red ‘new’ heading, click it and the urban section will automatically come up which saves time when you are usually searching for the new items. This also means that you can have more time interacting with the new furni.

To get you into the Skateboarding mood Habbo have placed in the catalog, concrete patches, concrete walls, graffiti patches and graffiti cans for hours of fun whilst playing with your skateboard.

However, that’s not all, they want you to be rewarded for your sweet skills and have added a new trophy range that comes in the usual gold, silver, bronze. They only cost 4 credits each so I suggest being one of the first people to get them!

Have fun!

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