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Endless Skate Course0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm

Today I am going to give to you my analysis of the new Habbo Competition *The Never Ending Skate Course”. Surprisingly enough,this is going to be  quite a positive review,unlike my usually, angry reports. Be warned I will try to make you laugh many times, so be prepared

  Now for the first paragraph (Not including the bold texted intro).

  “It’s quite simple… you enter the Skate Course and start skating. Keep skating, skating, skating, until you can’t skate any longer… then keep skating a bit more.”

  Oh my gosh, Finally a simple and easy competition that we don’t have to restart if we fail, and reload the room. Thank you! Okay we start skating, sounds easy enough, then skate some more, I am starting to have a real repetitive felling, but easy enough. Okay we are still skating… Still skating I see… “awhile later* When we finally get there, which according to a forum user “McDonalds” it will have been a good half an hour.

 “You’re going to need a good 30 minutes to go through 150 rooms”

  At some point (Thanks for the heads up on how much time this adventure would consume Habbo) you’ll make it through to the Winners’ Lounge and you can kick back in front of the fireplace and relax (Here, you can snuggle with your honey in front of a virtual fire with your honey) while entering our poll that will award you a special badge (see below) AND potentially a Rare!. (Yay badges and rares, I like to see Habbo attempting to give away some valuable things, even though it is only a snow globe, and only 50 people get it).

Well that is really the only to important parts to review, and now to get to my overall statement. I actually like this Idea for a competition, it isn’t overly hard, not to easy, and it actually makes you work for the prize you will potentially get. It kind of moves away from the normal room building maze solving stuff they usually want us to do, which I like to see. So overall I think this is a fun competition, and I recommend you give it a go!

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